Research on Holotropic Breathwork

Research on Holotropic Breathwork

This section of the Holotropic Breathwork Community Site is dedicated to reporting on and inviting participation in research related to Holotropic Breathwork, as well as listing related publications and downloadable files as available. Please let us know what you think about what you find here and especially if you know of relevant peer-reviewed research, articles, or dissertations that are not yet listed here. We are also interested in research in languages other than English. Thanks in advance for your help. Please send email correspondence related to research to [email protected].

For a comprehensive index of books and articles related to Holotropic Breathwork but not specifically research-oriented, refer to the References section of this site.

Note that copyrights for all of the materials here are retained by the authors and/or the publishing organizations and these materials should not be republished or posted on web sites without written permission from the copyright holders. The Grof Foundation has obtained such permissions for the material presented here, for web presentation here.

Note that all downloadable documents are in Adobe .pdf format. The Acrobat Reader for these documents can be downloaded for free from

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AHBI’s Mission and Research

Two of the five points in the AHBI Mission statement relate directly to research. Specifically, AHBI is committed to support the practice of Holotropic Breathwork as a resource for healing and transformation by:

Promoting awareness about Holotropic Breathwork by distributing information and research in a variety of languages and formats.
Supporting research into the theory, practice, and effects of Holotropic Breathwork.
You can support the publishing of HB research and research projects by becoming a member of AHBI or donating to AHBI. .

Supporting Holotropic Breathwork Research

Research into the healing potential of Holotropic Breathwork is imperative for this approach to assume its rightful place within the healing and therapeutic communities. There are a number of research projects, currently being designed, that require additional funding for their successful completion. Please consider financially supporting the work of AHBI’s dedicated volunteers in these important research efforts with your donation.

AHBI is a registered non-profit public benefit corporation so donations are usually tax deductible for US taxpayers. Membership dues may also be deductible for professional members and partially deductible as a donation for non-professional members.

You can donate to help support AHBI and its research projects. By becoming a member of AHBI you are also supporting its goal of publishing and sponsoring research.

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