About Holotropic Breathwork


About Holotropic Breathwork

What is Grof Holotropic Breathwork?

The practice of Holotropic Breathwork, developed by Stanislav Grof, M.D. and Christina Grof, as well as other forms of work developed by the Grofs, can be used by practitioners in one of two ways:

a. Psychological Counselling and Treatment

The Grofs have written an extensive body of literature indicating powerful benefits from Grof Holotropic Breathwork for a wide variety of psychological and physical conditions, including depression, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder. Grof Holotropic Breathwork (and other techniques derived from the Grofs’ work) has also been used to alleviate certain physical symptoms such as migraine headaches and chronic pain.  Grof Holotropic Breathwork and related techniques are often offered under direct medical supervision or in a recognized treatment facility by licensed medical professionals. They are sometimes offered as the primary form of medical treatment or can also be offered as part of a treatment plan.
b. Spiritual Counselling and Development
There is an extensive body of literature suggesting that people who engage in Grof Holotropic Breathwork or other techniques derived from the Grofs’ work choose to do this for their own spiritual development. Unlike many other forms of spiritual development, these techniques do not prescribe a particular spiritual path or religion; however, many participants report that these techniques help them find deep, life-changing spiritual insights, and many participants choose to attend workshops like these specifically in order to satisfy or deepen their spiritual quest. Our facilitators are available to help you find, deepen, and explore your own spiritual values and beliefs.

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