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John Crary

Mill Valley, CA, United States

Petr Zidek

Ostrava, Czech Republic

Joseph S. Mendivil

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Regina Homan

Burbank, CA, United States


Toronto, Canada


London, United Kingdom

kimiko Jay

Herts, United Kingdom

vladimir tolskiy

Frederick, MD, United States

Kerri Michalica

St. Catharines, Canada

Doug Chancey

Blacksburg, VA, United States


United Kingdom

Howard Schachter MA PhD

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


United States

Nick Roberts

Shanghai, China, mainland

Gary Miller

Temecula, CA, United States

Kerri Moon

Oakland, CA, United States


Budapest, Hungary

Donald Smith

Fort Worth, TX, United States

jim compton-schmidt

Reedley, CA, United States


United States

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