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Welcome to the Holotropic Breathwork Online Community!
This site is for you - anyone interested in Holotropic Breathwork.

Signing up for the Holotropic Breathwork Community - using the SIgn Up link on the upper right of every page - is free and without obligation. You are invited to upload a photo for your profile, upload photos of your mandalas or mandala-related art, start discussions, participate in group or private chat sessions, exchange messages with other community members, write your own blog, and just generally have a good time..

This site has been developed and is supported by the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation.   The Grof Foundation was established in October of 2014 as the successor organization to the Association for Holotropic Breathwork International (AHBI).  For twenty years AHBI had been the organization dedicated to the community, the principles and the practice of Holotropic Breathwork. 

Facilitator Listing;
If you would like to try Holotropic Breathwork, you can find a certified facilitator near you by searching our Facilitator Directory. We are working to make this as complete as possible, so do check for updates. Certified Facilitators are invited to Register for the listing. There is a Help section just for Facilitators to assist them in registering for a Directory Listing, maintaining their Directory listing data, and adding their Events.

Let us know what can be improved
Every time you notice something you think should be improved or explained or added or removed let us know - use the Discussions about site content area, the Discussions about Site Functioning or Bugs area. You can also use the REPORT AN ISSUE button at the bottom of every page.

Come back often - you will see changes
We will be improving this site continually, but most changes will come from the new content that you and the other community members post. Catch up on the most recent changes by looking at the Latest Activity list - under the Mandala Gallery on the Home Page.

Don't see the group you need? Start it yourself!
You are invited to create new groups - which are subsets of community members - if you think it is needed. After you start a group there will be a short period before the group is approved. As the creator/moderator of the group, you decide whether the group is open or closed (this cannot be changed later). Open groups are open for any member of the community to join, and content is visible to any site visitor. With closed groups, members are invited to join by the moderator, or community members can apply to join the group and can then be accepted or not accepted by the moderator. Group content is only visible to group members. For people for whom English is not their preferred language, we have "language zones" for just that language. If you don't see the one you want, send a message to the Webmaster to propose it.

"Invite" People to join who you think would enjoy what is happening here
To invite others to join this community, use the INVITE tab from the top menu or the Invite Friends entry from the "Quick Add" box on the upper right, or simply let people know they should have a look at

Let's share the news about Holotropic Breathwork
Thanks for your help in making this community happen, and helping it grow!


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