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“The Adventure of Self-Discovery” Workshop Held in Los Angeles in 2012

by Michael Stone, Certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator
Edited and posted by Alysson Troffer, The Inner Door Editor, InnerDoor (at)

“The Adventure of Self-Discovery: A Holotropic Breathwork Experience,” Stan Grof’s annual three-day public workshop—traditionally held in the Bay Area—was held this year in Los Angeles for the first time in over twelve years. Every available spot in the February 10–12, 2012 workshop was sold out; 150 people from 10 different countries lay down and breathed together at a luxury hotel near the airport. Twenty-one facilitators and apprentices also gathered to support the event, coming from many locations around California, the United States, and South America.

Facilitators and participants expressed that they were very happy to see Stan, who has been recuperating from a recent surgery, as well as the added burden of having been side-swiped in a low-speed car accident just one week prior. He was on his game though, keeping the participants mesmerized throughout his introductory talk on Friday evening, and again during his question and answer session Sunday morning. While he was unable to get “down and dirty” on the floor with participants during the sessions, nevertheless, he was present and walking around the room throughout the entire day on Saturday, talking with participants at the end of their sessions and offering support and feedback wherever needed.

Tav Sparks also entered new territory by offering his first one-day workshop on the topic of his recent book, Movie Yoga. People attending the Friday to Sunday event with Stan had the opportunity to attend Tav’s daylong journey into the healing potential of movie-watching earlier in the day on Friday, which of course also served as a powerful preparation for the breathwork and an introduction to the application of holotropic principles to daily life.

Participant Comments

Some comments from participants about the weekend workshop:

“The Holotropic Breathwork workshop was a profound experience. I had great personal insight and felt safe and supported in the environment provided by the whole Grof team.” – Shannon, Cedar Glen

“I have sought out many different transformational experiences in my life, many of which were helpful. But none compared to the Holotropic Breathwork session that I had. It was beyond belief. My mind was forced to take a vacation while my entire being opened to a series of ever richer experiences that helped me to see and understand much about my life. There was ecstasy, joy, sadness and even despair but all was perfect.” – Mary, New York

“What an amazing experience it was to spend the weekend with Stan Grof and listen to him talk on the development of Holotropic Breathwork; he was so inspiring. I would highly recommend doing Breathwork with Stan and his team. The facilitators were experienced in creating a loving, fun, safe, secure environment where I felt comfortable in totally entering into my process. I look forward to Dr. Grof returning next year.” – Linh, Santa Monica

The Burgeoning Holotropic Breathwork Community in L.A.

The weekend event marked a “coming out” party for the growing Holotropic Breathwork community in Los Angeles. Since certifying in 2009, I have been offering regular workshops and talks. A sizable number of people who showed up at the workshop with Stan had been introduced to Holotropic Breathwork through these workshops. I see this as the beginning of a new era in the availability of Holotropic Breathwork in southern California, where Holotropic Breathwork had not taken hold previously. A number of facilitators are coming forward to support the L.A. population. They are already searching for a new, larger home for their workshops.

I envision supporting the development of a strong community-based social support structure to help with the integration of the deep inner work that breathwork opens in people. I intend to do what I can to create more opportunities for younger adults (under thirty) to attend workshops. I also hope to oversee the building of a network within the local breathwork community to allow people to exchange and/or provide services that support breathwork such as massage therapy, acupuncture, psychotherapy, and naturopathy.

Global Holotropic Breathwork Day in L.A.

The next event in the Los Angeles area will be Global Holotropic Breathwork Day on May 12th, 2012. This will be a very special event and is only the second time in history that such an event has been organized. Imagine what could happen when thousands of people join together to breathe as one. Imagine how it might positively impact your life and how it might contribute to the healing of the planet. On May 12th, come join us and help build a “quantum wave of breathwork” traveling around the world’s time zones.

If a large group of meditators can have the potential to affect a 23 percent reduction in the crime rate in Washington D.C. over the course of months, imagine what influence thousands of people around the globe doing breathwork together could have.

For more information, go to For information about Global Holotropic Breathwork Day in other locations, go to

Michael Stone
is a certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator who was originally educated in the sciences and business. In addition to facilitating Holotropic Breathwork workshops in Los 
Angeles, he is a certified massage therapist, a shamanic practitioner, an entrepreneur, a business consultant, and a meditation teacher. You can contact him at Michael (at) For more information about Michael's workshops in Los Angeles, visit

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