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Stan Grof interviewed by Tami Simon, published August 24, 2010

There's a 67 minute podcast and transcript of the interview on the Sounds True site. Most of the content of the interview will be familiar to those who know Stan's life story and worldview.

Here's an excerpt:

TS: Well, I feel like, in this conversation, we’ve explored a first layer of, as you mentioned, four or five decades of your work, which has really made such a contribution to our collective understanding. The
final question I have for you, Stan, is: Here you’ve made such a tremendous contribution, helping bring attention to transpersonal levels of understanding, the perinatal dimension of our experience. Do you
feel a sense of fulfillment?

SG: I have a sense that I have had a very interesting life, and the experiences themselves were kind of self-validating. Obviously I would love to have more time, but I also have this sense that maybe there will be more time, you know, if that concept of reincarnation turns out to be true. I don’t have any regrets. Whether what we have discovered will be accepted by the culture, whether it’s going to be actually useful, that’s not up to me. That’s on the circumstances in other people, too, to decide. Obviously, if I could do it again, there are things that I would do differently, but I think that everything considered was done within what was my capacities at the time.

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