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On Being and Becoming - Part II, or Love Among the CD's

Hey, everybody!

I'm chained to my desk, among hundreds of CD's that Cary has excavated from the garage -- a treasure trove of decades of music from Stan and Christina and other sources -- getting rare gems onto my computer. And still thinking about this Being/Becoming issue. We're now on the "Becoming" part, which has enormous relevance for us hard-headed folk out here doing the Dance who aren't yet firmly established in the Now. It's also particularly important, as we consider the fruits of the Holotropic perspective -- especially when it comes to whether this strategy has something to offer us on a daily basis, besides just being an awesome weekend practice. Now, this isn't a teaching -- it's a musing. I'm just trying to make sense of my own particular Inner Healer sonar -- a great gift, by the way, that we all have, brought so beautifully home by this HB thing we do. I believe the Inner Healer will answer all these questions quite eloquently at some perfect time -- for each of us in our own way.

There are some schools that say that all of this -- the whole trip -- is more than a dream. I mean, less than a dream, actually. In fact, that it's altogether not real, as in the Unreal. That all we have to to do is get established in the Self, in Being -- and then hang out there while the karmic machinery of the Unreal, the Dream, just unwinds like a dying clock until there's nothing left but the Beyond-the-Beyond. That there's nothing to fix, nothing to change, nobody other than Self to love, nobody to serve, no head to scratch, no mind to lose. Oookay... But, but, what about, I mean...

Do not despair, oh ye who don't quite know how to enlighten all those in hospitals, in war zones, buried under landslides, hiding from abusers, chained to beds in psyche wards, that what they are going through is not real. For support we can turn to the many out here in the Dream World, in our Becoming, who have a little something to add to this conundrum. I love, for example how Sri Aurobindo sees it. He's of the school that espouses that there is a a very real Reality and purpose in the Becoming. He feels that the Self, that Being, involves Itself in the Becoming -- through an elegant process he refers to as involution and evolution. It's not that the Becoming isn't real. It's just not real in the way we usually imagine it. In fact, according to this school, it contains the totality of Being playing a game, as it were, in another aspect of itself, like a seed that becomes a tree, or a bud unfolds into a flower. The flowering of our planetary life here is the unfolding of the bud of Being, if we use this metaphor.

So, Sri Aurobindo goes on to say that it isn't enough to just separate from this life, hang out in the Non-manifest. He himself actually had that experience -- what many feel is the crowning realization of incarnation -- early in his practice. And he did some of the most amazing writing on this planet in support of the evolutionary power of our lives as individuals and as humanity -- that there is something important, necessary, and altogether magnificent about our Becoming. Even after we have realized our Nowness.

There's a school of Buddhism that says something similar, as well. According to this view, when we pass a homeless child on the street, we don't say, "Oh, this world and this child are not real. Her suffering is illusory. It's really just the One feeling the suffering." Tell that to the child. No, we operate from the perspective that even if this is Lila, a great play, we help the child with all our bodies, resources, and hearts. We have ethical and humanitarian responsibilities -- based on inner realizations of oneness, love, compassion, and service. And this perspective has its crowning principle in the world of the Boddhisattva -- the compassionate ones who awaken from the dream of this world, of Samsara, but who choose to stay and serve humanity until all beings have crossed to the other shore.

So, it's absolutely true we can have the experience -- in Holotropic breathwork and in a thousand spiritual practices -- where we don't exist as individuals. And in the same breath these traditions will describe the necessity of living in this world as though this dimension, and our place in it as individuals, absolutely does matter. All indigenous cultures certainly feel this way -- that the earth is the Mother -- that this life here is pure spirit manifesting in an unbelievable display of power and beauty -- and that it is our sacred right and responsibility to recognize this, and to devote our lives to the preservation and glorification of this planet, our Mother.

So, we end here with a gentle realization that seems to be as valuable as any insight that daily deep work out here in the Becoming, including an on-going application of the Holotropic perspective, can offer us. And this is that it's just about never as simple as "either/or", but almost always involves a "both/and" perspective. It's clear that I'm a bit of a "dabbler"', as we say in English -- I play around with traditions more than I dive in. For this, I apologize to those of you who have seriously embraced a discipline and find my insights missing the deeper nuances. I hope to learn more as I grow. I'm sure that each of you could enhance immeasurably this lightest touching of this theme that certainly seems to come up for us at some point in our sojourn here on earth. I look forward to fleshing out these "talking points" later in the book -- and exploring a whole lot more.

But for now, the important thing for me is that, as I practice my Holotropic yoga -- whether its on the mat, or in a moment-to-moment life adventure -- questions like the relationship between Being and Becoming continue to arise. And so, too, do insights and answers reveal themselves -- all guided by my Inner Healer -- on that power's time. Once again, I feel so blessed to have been given this method and perspective to free, challenge, perplex, and guide me on what feels like a very real journey toward wholeness.

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Comment by Roland (Lenny) Gibson on March 26, 2010 at 11:51am
Being is the shadow of becoming.
Comment by Joyce Lee Cochran on March 16, 2010 at 12:19am
Amen, Brother Tav! You are indeed blessed, and so are we as you share your wisdom about the Holotropic Perspective, and continue to share the wonderful work of Holotropic Breathwork that you 've been given with all of us out here. Keep on truckin', fellow Georgia Boy (I'm a Georgia Girl, you know -- how is it we never got around to talking about that?) Many Blessings, all around! Love, Joyce

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