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Last week-end, 18-21 of August, I took part in an intimate residential workshop in the country.

We were 7 breathers facilitated by Alain Menier. For me these were the 99th and 100th breath-works in 13 years. I was a little apprehensive because this was also the first time that I was going to breathe two days in a row. Friday night, during fellowship, somebody shared that, in order to be able to heal a somatized trauma, we need to be able to generate an emotional intensity equivalent to the one that originally created the trauma. This is a H.B. principle that I had not yet understood.


Saturday morning, my 100th H.B., I asked Alain what I could do in order to achieve an emotional intensity sufficient to heal the severe trauma that has caused me to suffer from PTSD since early childhood. I accepted his suggestions and, when I was ready, Alain and my sitter intervened.

I was able to move more energy than ever before and to shout louder and longer than ever before.


We also worked on a major blockage in my throat. I had to spit several times. This is something that I had almost never done before in a H.B. I was also able to cry, which is usually rather difficult for me to do. I was also able to welcome and absorb the love and affection that Alain and my sitter gave me. Alain and I concluded with a HUGE and very looong, and very masculine hug, sitting, face to face, our legs intertwined. A form of masculine re-parentalization that I very much needed to receive and to experience.


Several days later, I can report that I have never felt better. My energy is very strong; I have been able to work better, faster and longer than before. I feel highly motivated and very optimistic. I believe that I have been able to heal and to unblock energy that had been trapped for a very long time. It was definitely worth it! I feel enormous gratitude for Alain and for all those who shared this session whit me. As usual, I was very moved by the authenticity and by the courage of the participants, especially since several of them were under 30 years old.

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