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Missing Links: Do you think that my book could help your clients?

Missing Links deals mainly with self-transformation and behavior modification.

Missing Links is full of very practical and surprisingly effective tools for self-transformation and behavior modification. These tools and processes are all absolutely natural and organic. There is nothing speculative about Missing Links. I will show you how to incorporate these tools into your daily lives in a holistic and integrated fashion.

My specialty, and the main purpose of Missing Links, is to show us how to practice successfully and how to Incorporate, these tools and processes, into our busy daily lives. I will show you how to make this process as easy and as much fun as possible. I shall show you how to proceed by tiny Baby Steps (B/S) and in thin Salami Slices (S/S) of time.

Missing Links tries to answer the following questions for my readers:

  • Do you know anyone who needs to overcome any bad habits, with surprisingly little effort?

  • Do you know anyone who needs to overcome a self-defeating behavior?

  • Are your relationships Energy Boosters or Energy Suckers?!

  • Have you ever suffered from post-bad relationship syndrome?

  • Do you know what you really . . . (really!) want to do with the rest of your life?

  • Would you like to have all the Energy and the Motivation to accomplish what you need to accomplish? . . . and to become truly happy, healthy and creative?

Three kinds of people

I believe that there are basically three kinds of people: those who are self-aware and self-correcting; those who are not; and those who would like to become self-aware and self-correcting, but are “stuck,” as I used to be.  It is these last ones, whom I would like to help, most of all.

My sincere hope is that you will read Missing Links and that you will have as much fun reading it as I have had writing it.

If you would like to look inside the book, I encourage you to visit our web-site at:



I look forward to reading your comments and your feed-back.





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