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It takes effort but it is definitely worth it!

It takes effort but it is definitely worth it!

Yes, it is absolutely true. It does take effort to participate in a session of Holotropic Breathwork … however the effort is well worth it! Quite simply Holotropic Breathwork has changed my life and has opened up vast new horizons for me. I have never made so much progress in my life as I have made since I began to practice Holotropic Breathwork, more than twelve years ago. I have derived tremendous benefits and my progress has kept accelerating in many aspects of my life. I have also been able to witness the evolution and growth of many people with whom I have had the privilege of sharing sessions Holotropic Breathwork. In some cases the progress and the results have been quite phenomenal.


Everything takes effort … so why not get the best for your buck?!

When we think of it, just about every activity takes effort, even the most pleasurable ones such as:

dancing, socializing, cultivating our intimate relationships, making love, exercising and keeping fit, Yoga, Tai Chi, gardening … even expressing our gratitude takes effort.


Many of us have spent a lot of time and money on holidays and travelling. Organizing holidays, travelling or taking care of our cottage, all of these require effort and, at times, considerable effort and money. In many cases our efforts are not really cost/effective.


We may derive great pleasure from these activities however, in my experience, the results are transitory and rather superficial. This is especially true if we compare them with the benefits of “journeying” with Holotropic Breathwork.


Scuba-diving into the sub-conscious in pairs

When we take part in a session of Holotropic Breathwork we are in fact Scuba-diving into the Sub-conscious in pairs. Just as Scuba-diving, we may consider that Holotropic Breathwork is a kind of extreme sport. Extreme sports require more effort and more courage than other kinds of sports. However the benefits that we may derive may be far greater and far more lasting.


It requires courage

Yes, it is true that that practicing Holotropic Breathwork may require courage.  We may have to take the risk of having experiences that may be very intense and, at times, even painful and quite disturbing. However, Holotropic Breathwork will never take us where we are not ready to go. The process will help us to begin to heal what we need to heal and to “vaporize” the traumas that had been imprinted in our beings. In order to succeed we need to persist, one breath at a time, and we need to continue to remain connected to whatever it is that we are experiencing,


Compared to holidays and travels, the results and the benefits will be far greater and far more lasting.


“It is not hard because we do it. It is hard because we fail to do it!”


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