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Bringing the Holotropic Perspective into Humanity's Moment of Decision

by Kenneth Sloan AHBI Executive Director

Can 2012 be the "Breakthrough Year" for humanity?

Certainly millions of people around the world are hoping that it is, and searching to find out what they can do to help make it happen.

For those who have experienced the holotropic perspective, through Holotropic Breathwork or other means, we know that we are not separate from the whole, nor from each other, nor from this natural world that supports us.  And so our individual intentions and actions have a profound effect on these larger systems.  This is a source of great hope - since we know that what we do does in fact influence the whole.

Global Holotropic Breathwork Day - one way in which we can affirm that connection in wholeness -  is only a week away.  Currently AHBI has registered 34 events in 14 countries on the event map.  Our conviction is that in addition to social and political and environmental action, it is critical that we join together to explore and open to the insights that deep inner work can offer us.  Thanks to everyone involved in this whether offering events or participating.

Four days before Global Holotropic Breathwork Day, on May 8, Stan Grof is offering a Free Teleseminar, organized with Wisdom University and AHBI, on the theme 2012 and Human Destiny: End of the World or Consciousness Revolution?  This is another way of connecting and sharing our insights about the situation as it is and about what can be done.

Then in the weeks following Stan will be offering a Teleseminar Series  with the leading scientists and researchers of consciousness, exploring in more detail the insights that psychedelic and holotropic experiences can offer us in terms of individual and collective healing of our deepest psychic wounds - the legacies of injustice, aggression and violence that haunt our personal, social, environmental, and political worlds.

We in AHBI encourage all of you to participate in as many of these activities as you can, but most of all to look deep into your heart and soul and ask what is expected of you personally at this historic moment, and then to do that with all of your strength.  We can never know how our own individual acts and initiatives change the world.  Are you a butterfly?  Then maybe it will be the ecstatic flutter of your wings that will turn the world right-side up.  (It has been upside down for so long.  It is time for a change.  Fly, butterfly, fly!)

Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA

4 May 2012

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