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Holotropic Breathwork session – Montreal – November 25

We were 22 breathers. The session was facilitated by Alain Menier and Philippe Levesque.

This is one of the largest groups that we have ever had in Montreal.

There were more than 8 people who came for Toronto and different parts of Canada.

I have been practicing Holotropic Breathwork very actively for over 14 years.


My sessions have become increasingly more powerful with the passing years and especially since last summer.

I received a lot of help from my sitter and a great deal of support and encouragement from Philippe. I was therefore able to go to a place where I have never been able to go before. A place that feels quite horrible and that is terribly scary for me. As a result I was able to move a huge amount of energy in many parts of my body.


This was a very touching and an extremely healing session for me. I imagine that I shall feel the effects for quite some time. I feel very deeply that Holotropic Breathwork is definitely the “place” where I belong!

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