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Holotropic Brathwork session – Montreal – last June 11

We were 14 breathers. The session was facilitated by Alain Menier and Maybel Gelly.

I had an absolutely wonderful, loving and extremely healing experience.

I was blessed to have a good friend as my partner. This was the 4th time we had been partners.

She was indeed the best partner anyone could have wished for.

I asked her to play the role of the Good Witch and to do what she was moved to do, in order to heal my heart.

She placed one hand on my heart and the other my hand and she pumped me full of love and light.

Later I asked her to play the role of Mother to my severely wounded Fetus. My fetus absolutely loved the experience of being mothered and loved by my partner. It was very healing and very luminous indeed!

It is almost a week later, and I am still bathing in love and light. I think that I shall continue to benefit from this experience for a long time.

I feel indeed very touched and quite moved.

I shall be back for more ... soon!

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