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Hey, everybody,

I'm honored and excited to be writing for AHBI. I'd like first to express my gratitude to Ken and Marty and the Board for reaching out to us and giving me this opportunity to be a part of the online Holotropic community in a little more active way. Since this crew and many others in AHBI have stepped up to be in service, a lot of creative and vitalizing energy seems to be circulating in the community. And Cary, Stacia and I are blessed to feel a small part of it.

So this first entry is kind of a "hello" -- not real fancy -- although I doubt any of these entries are going to be. Ken, Marty and I just felt it would be a good thing for all of us if I could maybe, from time to time, have a presence here, share what GTT's up to these days, learn from all of you, and just generally be more an active "part of". Besides this, no real deep agenda. An experiment really, so let's just see where we go. What's up for us lately, though, and what we're hearing all over the world, not just in HB circles, but everywhere there are people moving toward wholeness, is a call for community -- a real desire to connect up, share, and derive strength and inspiration from others on whatever paths we're choosing toward whatever our own feelings are about wholeness. So maybe this blog thing participates in that in some way, I don't know.

Anyway, a quick word on what we're doing. Just had our annual gig -- about twenty years running now -- in the Bay Area, with Stan and twenty certified folks and two people in training. About 190 participants -- mostly new breathers. Lots of inspired enthusiasm. This follows the big gig at Omega this fall with Jack and Stan -- about the same number -- and many new people. Both workshops: a lot of young, really fired up seekers -- they really give us "old-timers" a chance to learn and get revitalized. But this is what we're talking about: a real fervor and excitement and commitment happening all over -- as well as a sense of urgency. People looking for community -- whether in some physical form, like centers, or a more intimate community of like hearts and minds and purpose -- as long as it's something we can tangibly feel that reflects moving toward wholeness together.

We see it all over where we do the trainings now: the on-going vibrant group in Spain, in England, Russia, here in the US, Brazil, Argentina, and soon to be, we hope, Chile. And definitely Australia, where we've been going now for years, and are blessed to be connecting up with aboriginal people, and learning from them way more than we offer. And the amazing people we're meeting from Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Ukraine, and other countries where Stan and Christina's work continues to spread. What a blessing. We look forward over the months to sharing more about what we're learning around the world. And, while we're talking about what we see happening with breathwork in the world, Stan's like Mick Jagger in Russia. I'm not kidding -- they adore him. Russia's about the only place I know where HB is almost mainstream, and accepted by the government even -- just like it ought to be everywhere...

So more on this and many other musings and ramblings in the future. I feel grateful to be included in this forum and to have had HB drop into my life like amazing grace. It has absolutely informed every area of my life and continues on a second-to-second basis to uplift me toward wholeness in a way that will, I'm sure, always be full of surprises and an ultimately playful mystery.

Much blessings and love,

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Comment by Alysson (Allison) Troffer on February 7, 2010 at 11:01pm
Hi Tav, thank you for starting a blog! I love hearing all the good news about Holotropic Breathwork (and I really do hear it, meaning that as I read your post, I can hear your voice in my "mind's ear" as if you were speaking!). It's wonderful that you had so many participants at the annual gig and that the Omega event also drew so many people. I, too, am sensing that community is where it's at, and you are certainly doing your part around the world to build community. I look forward to your future "musing and ramblings."
Comment by lindsey Walker on February 1, 2010 at 5:55pm
Hi Tav! Great to read all you have to say and see the HB community expanding across the globe. I'm about to head off to Joshu Tree, my six module in 12 months - been doing individual therapy too since UK to help integrate all that's been coming up. I feel so blessed to be part of this movement of higher consciousness and to share it with all the wonderful people who are involved. Thank you for all your love, wisdom, humour and Light. I shall look forward to reading more of your entries. Take care and all the best, Lindsey
Comment by Silvina Heath on January 25, 2010 at 3:20pm
Hi there Tav!!!! soooooo nice to be in touch this way too!!!!! lovely yo have you in this forum.
I absolutely agree with you about the sense of urgency that I can see in the younger seekers and the older ones too. The need for spiritual and dow-to-the-earth community is amazing in this part of the world I am living now.
Lots of love for you in this continuous and never ending path towards wholeness!

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