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Global Holotropic Breathwork Day 2012—12.05.12—and Wisdom University Teleseminar Series: A Psychedelic and Holotropic Exploration of the Global Crisis

by Kenneth Edwin Sloan, AHBI Executive Director, director (at)

Edited and posted by Alysson Troffer, The Inner Door Editor, InnerDoor (at)

Saturday 12 May 2012 is Global Holotropic Breathwork Day. The Association for Holotropic Breathwork (AHBI) is once again inviting people from around the world to practice Holotropic Breathwork together on this day, as we did on June 11, 2011. Our purpose is to explore what can happen to us individually and collectively when we open as deeply as we can to the truth of who we are.

Who are you? Who are we—the beings of this planet? Do we really know? And what is going on in our individual worlds, in our collective worlds, and with the earth Herself? Holotropic Breathwork is a simple and direct way to receive answers to all of these questions, and to find new ways of being that have the potential to not only relieve much of the suffering we carry and inflict, but to find new joyous ways of being together with all our relations on this planet.

Please join with us on this special day, whether in some large event or in a small circle of old and new friends, journeying together. Rumi said it well: “Beyond concepts of good and evil, there is a field. Meet me there!”

In addition, Wisdom University is once again this year graciously organizing a TeleSeries featuring Stan and Christina Grof and invited guests. The opening Free Teleseminar of this year's TeleSeries is as provocative as it is relevant: “2012 and Human Destiny: End of the World or Consciousness Revoluti...

In the Grofs' understanding, breakdown and breakthrough are not only two sides of the same coin, they also mutually inform and shift into each other as we deepen spiritually. Psychedelic and Holotropic experiences can provide deep insights into the cosmic dynamics of major shifts at the individual, collective, and world levels. One aspect many people report is that we have an individual and a collective choice as to what form of consciousness we live and express, and the future of our world hangs on the choices we are making right now. Dates and guests for the TeleSeries will be announced as they are confirmed.

Additional Information:

Astrological Commentary for 12 May 2012. Renn Butler has written a commentary on the astrological influences on 12 May 2012. He has posted his commentary in the discussion forum in the Archetypal Astrology group that he moderates on the Holotropic Breathwork Community web site.

We couldn’t ask for more positive and inspiring influences on May 12. The Sun is exactly conjunct Jupiter, awakening perceptions of higher light, warmth and generosity, of cosmic meaning shining out like an eternal sunny day. Sun-Jupiter is very supportive for the healing of father issues. The Moon is similarly in a dynamic square with Jupiter, creating an atmosphere of love, kindness and abundance—overflowing feminine energy that will help with the healing of mother issues. With Jupiter amplifying both luminaries like this, the day is likely to have a kind of grandly ennobling feeling, a divine cornucopia of adequate time, resources and goodwill for everyone involved. There may be a feeling of celebration. On that day, the Moon is also in a very stable grand trine with Venus and Saturn. Moon trine Venus enhances feelings of sweetness and gentleness while the flowing Saturn alignments create a sense of reliability, consistency and integrity of support. Read more...

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