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Emerging Proud Film Launch and Day - 12 May, 2017

Emerging Proud - Film by Katie Mottram, Founding Director at International Spiritual Emergence Network. Link to trailer below. 

This one hour long film presents clips from interviews with people who have experienced non-ordinary states of consciousness - some spontaneously, some through use of sacred technologies. It promotes acceptance of such experiences as normal, even when they profoundly challenge the consensus views of 'reality'.

The launch is part of Emerging Proud Day, in support of an international, social movement away from automatically medicalizing such experiences (while not being anti-psychiatry or anti-medication, per se). It suggests that whatever such experiences mean (and we probably all have to find our own meaning in them), we need to support ourselves and others to live through what emerges and the emotional pain, fear, disintegration and personal crisis this can bring, to gain the rewards of deep inner healing and a more tolerant society.

The event takes place in ten countries, including Britain and the USA. If you can't attend the film launch in person, you can view the film through a link on the Emerging Proud website.


PS - For precise timing of the film showing in the countries taking part, go to the Emerging Proud website and follow the links.

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