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Are We Simply Susceptible For That Endeed ? ? ? I Don't Think So ! ! ! And You ? ? ?

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Yes, The Impossible takes a little bit more longer....
Lets UNITE 100's of nations....
Lets UNITE 100's of nationalities......
Find more within the profile of Mr. Victor Marques " The world could be a better place...
No countries, only one race...
No borders, only tropical trees...
NO oceans, only one sea..." by Mr. Victor Marques

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The With W.P.R.M. - Shift 2012
With The Spiritual Inteligence :)
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The Openeyed Daydreamer Think Differently !
The Openeyed Daydreamer: Think Differently ! ! ! A Nyitott-szemmel Álmodozo Másként Gondolkodik - Magyar Változat
I wanna break all the madness... But it's all I have...
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No promises by me that will be easy way... but how can be easy the prepqring and the process of the sense transition for which is no example in the history of the mankind... the base of the new World is the independent thinking and acting responsible Man... no one to tell us how to be made, done... with our two hands will have to be made with Sympaty, Independence and Responsibility :)

Yes, I am passionate about The Support of the Collaboration Among the Regions Within the Collaboration Among the Family Ventures
Collaboration, not Competition - the Economic Revolution ! ! !
Are You passionate about the Regional Support throuh the Support of the Collaboration Between the Regions and help the people who are active in this field ? I would like to have your attention connected with the matters below and forward ! :)
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:) What Tanya Igic is doing in Swansea, South Wales, UK ? ? ? let me tell you :)

Are We Simply Susceptible For That Endeed ? ? ? A Magyar Változat
I Don't Think So ! ! !
And You ? ? ?
This blog "Are We Simply Susceptible For That Endeed ? ? ?..." together with the
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Call and Words of Ph.D. Mr. Ervin Laszlo

The Buck Stops Here ! ! !
On Harry S. Truman's Desk... Have You a Desk ? ? ?
Are We Simply Susceptible For That Endeed ? ? ? I Don't Think So ! ! ! And You ? ? ? Let me invite You to carefully study the "Are We Simply Susceptible For That Endeed ? ? ? I Don't Think So ! ! ! And You ? ? ?" blog based on the thoughts by Ph.D. Mr. Ervin Laszlo and others... be welcomed :)
If the hiarerchical old strategies will be continued by us, which are terrible self dangerous, then the chances are pretty tiny for the human kind to survive itself.

WHY ? ? ?
The Slaves of the SYSTEMS ? ? ?
The Slaves of the SYSTEMS ? ? ?
The "FRUITS" of the hiarerchical systems:

* The concentration of the power and the riches: the 80% of the World's GDP is owned by ONE billion people and the 20% of it rest to the FIVE AND A HALF billion people.

* On most of the places they are giong to try to resolve the caused problems by the tools of the terrorism and other forms of the force.

* The Islam fundamentalism, neonacism and other extremes, and the rising of the religious fanaticism.

* In favour of the countries deffence the level rising of the military expenses.

* The decline of the balance in the Planet's atmosphere, oceans, fresh warer systams and loam by which the life conditions are covered.

* Clime changing cause of the level rising of the greenhouse effect. The decline of the efficiency of the oceans, lakes, rivers and the agricultural fields.

* The decline of the food self-sufficiency, and with this the decline of the international food reserves too.

* More than a half of the World's population has a problems related to the frech water.

* The World's 20% of the richest in proportion to the 20% of the poorest: 90X more earn, 11X more using of the energy and eat meet, 49X more telephon and 145X more car owning.

* Little more than a 500 Billioners (one third of them from the developing countries) owned the 1110 Billions Dollars which is the half asset of the World population money.

* The extezive managenent form can be best marked with the "3P": Payoff, Put upon, Producing...

Can be the better version the intensive management form which can be best marked with the "3C": Conections, Communication and the Cogitation (consciousness, thinking, contemplation)

* Consciousness conected with the really inportant principles:
- the restrictions of others opportunity to live the human worthy life spent in abundance is unacceptable,
- the responsible management with the Planetary human and environment means, in exchange for a today exploitation in a favor of some privite and small groups interests,
- the Planetary ecosystem is not a countable mechanism wich can be exploited, but the living system, by whom we are created and eaten, the opportunity for the exploitation and the horrible runiation power is given to us by them too, and now the Planet, our Mother of Earth, is in a big need of our care.

The optimist is thought that the present World is a most finished, the pesimist is a frightened that the optimist is in right. The matter is, that nothing is done, in the sake of the change by either.

The present owners of the power with the affectation hammer in people the delusion, that with the kapitalist economic system we are arived to the finiched form of the sociaty, with the failure of the communist system the better is win, and this is the last until the end of the times. Mere think which have to be done by us is the regular retouch of this system, which can be happen only under the control, command of the above, relative to the future.

Up to now known the hierarchical power systems has been based on the power experiences of the top people, the base of it has been that the ledears has been able to gain the setisfaction from the opportunity that their will was realasing by those who was under them and next in the hierarchical order. This power want to controling and suppleing, override and conquer others. From the power of this will is missed the right moral motivation. The power practice of the present is the expression of the wrong trend will. Because the power of the hierarchical system want to supple the will of the other people. The people living lower are live the fustration or sutisfaction acording to the situation, is taken by them or not the leader's dictate, moreover, is taken or not by them the hierarchical game of the punishment-awarding.

The key way of the resolving of our probles is not the offens of each other and the wars anymore, but the communication and the collaboration in the sake of the mutual benifites.

* In USA the person born in a middle class family and reach the 80 age will use: 800 000 KW electricity, 2,5 million liter water, 21 000 ton of oil, 220 000 kilogram of steel, a little forrest contains 1000 of the trees and will produce the 60 ton of the house garbage. According to above the environment load of the same is: 2X more than a sweedesh one, 3X more than an italian one, 13X more than a brazilian one, 35X more than an indian one and 280X more than a person living in Haiti.

* The fresh water needs of the common man for the drinking is 5 liter and for the wash 25 liter per day. The common citizen of the USA using 350 liter per day and from this 80 liter for the WC wash. The europian and japnees using 165 liter per day. The common citizen of the Africa walkiking three of the kilometers to reach the water and can't be sure that will be found, by 48% of them can't be reach the water which is trustworthy drinkable.

* For the producing of the ONE kilogram beef form the cow eaten with the hard food is needed: 190 m2 of agricultural field and 105 000 liter of water. For the producing of the 1 kilógram soy-bean 16 m2 agricultural field is needed and only 9 000 liter of the water. On a 190 m2 agricultural field can rise up the 12 kilogram of the soy-bean or 8,6 kilógram corn. Chosen the soy-bean or the corn the 96 000, or the 92 500 liter water can be saved.

* The meat based repast is not only unhealthy but is immoral too. The cow have to be eaten by which the red meat is given to us, the grain by which the cows are eaten is taken from the human consumation. The cow is using the six seventh part of the eaten grain for itself thus only the one seventh of the eaten grain is coming back to us, in a form of the meat. The situation withe fowls is a little bit better because they use for itself the two thirth and give back to us a one third of the eaten grain in the form of the meat.

The Animal Agriculture: THE FACTS ! ! !
by Supreme Master TV HU Channel on YouTube

The Beef Producings
Grandiose Water Needs and Energy Wasting ! ! !

by Supreme Master TV HU Channel on YouTube

Some Of The Diseases
Related to Met Consumption ! ! !

by Supreme Master TV HU Channel on YouTube

The Meat And The Climate Change
The Fact In The Sake Of The Planet Saving 1 (1-3)

by Supreme Master TV HU Channel on YouTube

A Win-Win Situation For The Planet ! ! !
by Supreme Master TV HU Channel on YouTube

Organic Farming A Sustainable Solution ! ! !
by Supreme Master TV HU Channel on YouTube

* In the country side and in the towns are the underfed, lay-off, the unfair and humiliating life conditions are the collateral matters. Over the above the exploitation of the agricultural fields and the contamination of the oceans, lakes, rivers and the fall of the reserves of the fresh water resources. It's the demonic sircle, the poorness lift the amount of the children inside the families, because the survival of the same is supported by them, thus by the more biger population is more and more the environment is distroying. It can gos on as long as will not be destroyed by the above mentioned the basic fundaments by which the stability of tha sociaty is coverd.

* By the unfavorable weather conditions the agricultural outputs are reduced than the shortage of the fresh water isreducing it forward, thus in the field of the pooerness rising the level of the starvation and the illness. According to the above from the regions attached with the mentioned start a nation migration to the yet livable regions.

* Mr. Robert Müller who has been forty years the vice secretary of the United Nations turn our attention because in EVERY MINUTE: lost of the 21 hectare rainforest, 50 ton of the soil is blown by the wind, 12 000 ton of the carbon dioxide is emited to the ear (what is mostly the reason of the 35 725 barrel bernt oil) ! IN EVERY HOUR: 685 hectare of the soil going to be a desert ! EVERY DAY: 250 000 ton of the sulfuric acid is fall in a form as an acid rain to the nordic hemisphere.

* May be by the other smart beings in our galaxy can be found the better balance between the sense of responsibility and aggression. Perhaps we can expect that we will be able to step in contact with them or at least cach some radio waves. Can be that they know about our existance, but do not want to identify to us themself. Knowing the history of the mankind seems to be a wise decision. Big Thanks to Prof. Stephen William Hawking for the amazing and inspring thoughts :)

* "If we "humans" disappeared overnight, the World would probably be better off." Big Thanks to Sir. David Attenborough for the amazing and inspring thoughts :)

The "Ejaculatio Praecox" Of The Mankind ! ! ! A Magyar Változat
Are We Really Susceptible For Just That ? ? ?
And For A So Short Time ! ! !
Just Listen ! ! !
* According to Mr. Enrico Fermi the Nobel prize owner in phisics thougths, why we are unable to step in contact with the other civilization. Take the possibility that the time formation of the World be a 24h, than according to previous the time of our technical civilization can be the last hundreds of a second. Accordingly to the above, this technical developed civilization, until the few hundreds of a seconds devastate itself. According to our present techical opportunities we are able to communicate only woth those who are inside the few light year, because the answer can be delivered only from them, befor the devastigation. Have an other one question, is on the other planet in a same time with us the hundreds of a second too ? ? ?

I Don't Think So ! ! !
And You ? ? ?
* The times of the fables in the thinking has been marked with the present of the Théos ("God"), in the gothic time the word fructify by the God the thinking has been marked with the present of the Logos ("Word"), the new age is ocupated by the mechanical and materialistic Logos. In a so close years the new thinking way will be of the high level of the inportance, otherwise in miss of the above our global systems will fall in chaos, with the same not only that the crash can be avoid, but the egress and the Planetary brack out can be found too. With the help and grab of this opportunity the newbie holistic (starving for the overal unit) thinking way and civilization can be made by us.

* By nothing we can be keep back that our civilisation be driven in a more peacful and sustainable way, exept the miss of our will and prevision. The prevision is exactly what is needed for the forming of the holistic thinking way and society, it is present between us in a Planetary Cociety, as a new culture, for example the Cultural Creatives (in USA & EU near 200 Mill.).

* I depend upon in, as I basicly depend upon in a goodness of the thinking Man, and best hope that we don't have to wait for the next hundred of thousands or Millions life taken-catastrophe after which in a biger part of the society be formed the togetherness and the aim to confronting with our mutual troubles. Naturaly it isn't a devont desire but the most acute necessity. Have no time for the loss of hope we have to act in the sake of the basic transitions. Day by day our problems are going to be more visible, by more of the people are recognized, that we have to do something. We will be up for the resolving at the critical point in the situation of the decition. This light of the hope and the one time opporunity that the collapse be avoided and start the Planetary programme of the renewing as well as the World - Protected Regions - Movement (W. P. R. M.) Our fortune is still in our hands.

* The social forms of the future are seek from apperception became man to put them in the focuse of the realising of the same and with the concentration on their will make them happen. Hereinafter will not exist the power with the legitimation of the God or without it, who will be right to do it in place of the man, what is needed to be done by them. Stands on their own inner power. In the foregoing by the power it forced to the sociaty the social living form which was suit to the same. Now here is the end of this "confortable" world, the future form of the sociaty can be only made by the realising came from the inner of the man based on their consciousness. Big Thanks to Ph.D. Mr. Ervin Laszlo for the amazing and inspring thoughts :)

Ervin Laszlo in Amsterddam... (part one)
Words of Ph.D. Mr. Ervin Laszlo

"We can't solve problems
by using the same kind of thinking
we used when we created them."
:) :) :)
by Albert Einstein
The most of the society in a political and privite life as well as in a social and economic activity fields too do not pay an attention to Mr. Eistein's worried words. They try to resolve the problems with the same materialistic, influential and egocentric reasonableness by which they has been caused by them.

"We don't have a choice On whether we SHIFT ! ! !
The question is:

How Well We WILL DO It ? ? ?

With W.P.R.M. - The Siritual Shift ! ! ! The English Version - Az Angol Valtozat A Magyar Változat - Hungarian Verion

With W.P.R.M. - Shift 2012 ! ! !

Open to hearing your suggestions :)
Pleasure will be on my side to meet any of you in person :)
See you :)

Are you a responsible person ?
Are you up to share it for the sake of the better understanding and future too ?
I hope, it will be of the help to you to make a right decision...
Thank you for your support in advance down the road... :)
For the better future ! Thanks ! Do it together !
Don't be forgotten !
Just listen & wach the videos than join me My Personal Details & Videos ! ! !
They tells a lot ! Moreover: Know that although in the eternal scheme of things you are small, you are also unique and irreplaceable, as are all your fellow, still alive, living beings other than humans everywhere on the Mother of Earth.

Look forward to hearing from you inside this blog :)

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