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Christina Grof Memorial's Page

Christina Grof 1941 - 2014

This profile has been created in order to provide a place for those who knew Christina or were influenced by her work and person to share their memories and condolences.

Christina passed from this world in the night of June 14/June 15, 2014 succumbing to the effects of pneumonia.

Friends of the Grofs, John McKenzie and Chaela Sumner, have created a special web site memorial for Christina, with many pictures from her life and links to more information, at entitled "In Celebration of a Life Well Lived."

Stan has provided a video clip of the altar for Christina. Use the word "christina" in order to view it.

The Grof's long-time friend Etsuko has written a loving tribute to Christina, in English as well as Japanese.

Mark Ryan has written an In Memoriam: Christina Grof  text about Christina from both personal and Wisdom School of Graduate Studies perspectives.

A summary of Christina's professional life and contributions is here.

A 7 minute video of Christina and Stan talking about love in its various forms, from March of 2013 (with Russian Translation) is here.  Thanks to Natasha Tarnovskaya, Maxim Alexanian-Stetsenkov, and GTT for making this available.

A 5 minute Homage to Christina Grof video has been shared by Elena and Horia Francisc-Turcanu including pictures from Christina and Stan's time in Romania in 2013.

To add your remembrances to this page, you need to have signed up and signed in on this site.  It is easy to do and without cost or obligation.

About Flowers
From Stan Grof: "Several years ago, Christina wrote instructions for the kind of situation we are facing and for many others (a beautifully-written 21 pages). She was very clear about the fact that she did not want people to send flowers and that they should instead make a donation in her name to organizations that feed people, support abused children, or offer some other philanthropic help.”  


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At 11:59am on July 25, 2014, Nell Bly said…

While she is so greatly missed, Christina continues to teach us all in her intimately written book The Eggshell Landing.  She embodies unconditional Love and forgiveness so rarely seen.  I am deeply moved and grateful.   Blessings and Love to Stan and All,  Nell

At 8:29pm on July 14, 2014, Joyce Lee Cochran said…

Last week I finished reading "The Eggshell Landing."  From the point when I unwrapped it and started reading, I could hardly put it down. I found it beautifully written and so very courageous in the gentle yet unequivocal way Christina chose to talk about the painful abuses yet the powerful transformation that evolved in her relationship with her step-father, her family members and herself over the years spanned in the book.  I felt so close to her while reading it, and yet all along I found it hard to imagine that she is no longer with us in body.  Her spirit is alive and active in our midst, and her touching memoir is tangible evidence of that fact.  Please do order it and read it if you haven't already.  

Thanks, Cary, for making this book so readily available to those of us in the GTT community.

With Much Love and Gratitude to you, Stan and Christina, and to this amazing network of friends,


At 3:11pm on July 12, 2014, Liat Marmur said…

I was saddened to hear of Christina's passing.  My thoughts go out to Stan and the rest of her family and friends xx Liat M

At 10:53pm on July 3, 2014, Timothy McLean said…
At 10:52pm on July 3, 2014, Timothy McLean said…

Dear Stan,

Yoshiko and I are saddened and deeply touched to hear of Christina’s passing.  We so treasure the memories of our work and adventures with the two of you here in Japan. 
I will never forget my first Holotropic Breathwork session with the two of you and the beautiful loving presence and guidance of Christina’s relaxation meditation. She helped me and everyone present to feel completely safe to trust the process.   The two of you were able to transcend cultural boundaries and the Japanese participants had the most amazing deep and transformative experiences.  It was such a privilege to learn to facilitate this work with you.  I remember  assisting Christina with the music and being so impressed with her sensitivity and creation of just the right mood to both follow and guide the evolving process.  And this all in days of cassette tapes!  
The work in Transpersonal Psychology, Holotropic Breathwork, and Spiritual Emergency and Emergence that you and Christina pioneered has been tremendously helpful and life changing over the years for so many people here in Japan.  The translations of your and Christina’s books on Spiritual Emergency and the work of Japanese therapists, doctors, and counsellors inspired by them has been especially important and helpful here where main stream psychiatry is still quite conservative.   Until he passed away last year, Shin Yoshifuku made great efforts in giving workshops and trainings for doctors, therapists, and counsellors emphasizing the importance of recognizing and supporting clients in Spiritual Emergency.  And the Japan Transpersonal Association remains vital and the legacy of the work that you and Christina introduced here continues to evolve and grow.  
Below are two photos from our visit with you and Christina to Koya san and to the hot springs of Izu.   Koya san was such an amazing sacred place to do Holotropic Breathwork.  And your pioneering  visit there with Christina helped open  the doors for many years of cooperation with the monks and temples there in subsequent years.  And Yoshiko and I will never forget the magical experience we had in the cave hot springs in Izu with you and Christina and Shin and Etsuko.  There were separate entrances for men and women to the cave bath, but as we waded and swam deeper into to the cave the tunnels came to together and we all met again.  The tunnel ended in a womb like dome where we chanted and the reverberations and atmosphere were incredible. 
Christina was and is an inspiration to us and to so many here in Japan.  Her loving spirit, humour, courage, and brilliant work live on!
Sending our loving thoughts and prayers to you, Stan.
Tim and Yoshiko
Timothy McLean
C+F Institute for Transpersonal Studies, JapanStan%20%26%20Christina%20Grof%20at%20Nanadaru%20with%20Shin.jpg
At 5:50pm on July 3, 2014, Yolanda Wysocki said…

I never knew Christina well. Shortly after I began the training, Christina was moving on to do recovery and spiritual emergence work.

I have run into her several times over the years and have always appreciated her wonderful music sets, her generous spirit, and great wisdom and intelligence. What a great contribution she has made to so many in this lifetime!

My heart goes out to Stan in this sorrowful sorrowful time.

At 9:40pm on July 1, 2014, Lydia Francine Munro said…

Beloved Christina,

My heart feels bitter-sweet on hearing of your passing. The sweetness comes in knowing that you are free of discomfort and the bitterness comes in feeling the contractions of my heart knowing I will miss seeing your smile, and all of the us who will miss your physical touch.  

The sweetness is also, the memories of shared experiences and love.

You are always present, you are Love.

Thank you dear Christina for your passion, compassion, strength, poetry, artistry, friendship, and the Hawaiian yogini that shared her visions for healing and love to multiple countries and their inhabitants. You have been and will continue to be an inhabitant of my heart.......many Thanks.... and God Speed dear sister,

go gently 'into that good night'!

Blessed Stan and family, take good care of yourselves....please, what ever that looks like.  I wrap my arms around you Stan and say thank you, you make all of us who know you proud.  

I will be in the bay area July 21 through 25....if there is going to be a Memorial during this time, I would love to know about it.  

Much love.......lydia

Om shanthi


At 1:02am on June 29, 2014, Rebecca Browning said…

Stan and all who so truly loved Christina,

I am only now having a chance to respond to this great loss and, even then, a bit reluctantly. How can you  find words to encompass such a person as Christina and such a loss. 

Christina Grof was one of the most gracious, beautiful, nurturing and deeply present and compassionate souls I have ever met. She was a light house for us all. 

My heart goes out to you at this time, Stan. I love that you recognized her as a teacher of love. Love is always more fun when it is right next to you, but it can never be lost. It is and Christina is and ever will be.

Infinite love!

Rebecca Browning

At 10:22pm on June 28, 2014, Nora Piccinelli said…

Solo profundo agradecimiento y silencio. Un fuerte abrazo holotrópico desde Bariloche. Argentina. Hasta Siempre


At 8:45pm on June 27, 2014, Renn Butler said…
Christina will be deeply missed.  She made such a warm and earthy, Moon-Jupiter complement to Stan's more endearingly cool and professional Moon-Saturn. Brought together by their mutual friend and mentor, Joseph Campbell, their relationship had an honored and mythic quality and they were known affectionately by friends at Esalen as the gentle giants.
It was not always easy for her being the partner of someone with the exposure and profile of Stan.  In the early days, their work was so ahead of its time, so outside the box and different – even if not especially from the general offerings in new-age circles – that it put a lot of isolating pressure on her.  She bore this pressure with as much grace as she could . . .  I’ll always remember how disarming it was to see her walking around the Esalen Lodge in her bare feet.  Like Stan, she was salt of the earth.
Christina made a major, permanent contribution in the development and spreading of Holotropic Breathwork and the paradigm shift in general, and will be remembered fondly.  Thank you beautiful sister . . . till we meet in the oceanic womb.
At 7:42pm on June 27, 2014, Renn Butler said…

At 7:39pm on June 27, 2014, Renn Butler said…

At 7:36pm on June 27, 2014, Renn Butler said…

At 12:55pm on June 27, 2014, Ruediger von Roden said…

At 11:31pm on June 26, 2014, Yaha said…

Спасибо тебе, Кристина, что ты была и есть в наших сердцах (!) И спасибо тебе, Стэн. Светлого вам путешествия...

At 10:45pm on June 26, 2014, Michael Hokenson said…

Dear Stan,

My thoughts are with you on the passing of your beloved partner Christina.  I am very grateful to have known her and learned from her. 


Mike Hokenson

At 8:54pm on June 26, 2014, George Cavanagh said…

Sad to hear of Christina Grof passing. I only discovered about the Holotropic Breathwork technique today. Hope I can continue to flourish in her memory.

At 9:11am on June 26, 2014, Dr. Norbert J. Mayer said…

Dear Stan,

compassion and love with you and Christina. You remember maybe  us: we have been in yours month – long  workshop in Esalen 30 years ago. We are friends from Dieter (Schmidt) and Martin (Krämer). I also was invited for the Conferenz in Santa Monika and very good friends of Ralph (Metzner).

We love you and Christina  embracing you both


Norbert & Nora Mayer 

At 5:22pm on June 25, 2014, Luca Sarcinelli said…

Dear guys, I have written a short tribute to Christina and published it in our website, both in English and Italian. I hope you like it.

At 8:39am on June 25, 2014, caldar said…

Dear Stan~ I grieve for your grief. A candle burns. Much Love,   

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This profile has been created in order to provide a place for those who knew Christina or were influenced by her work and person to share their memories and condolences. Christina passed from this world on June 14, 2014 succumbing to the effects of pneumonia.
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