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Uploading Mandala Photos

An important part of the Holotropic Breathwork experience is the drawing or painting of mandalas after a breathwork session. This approach to "owning the experience" and expressing it non-verbally has deep roots in native cultures as well as in Art Therapy and the Visionary Art and Holotropic Art movements. Creating a mandala after a breathwork experience can provide a deepening of the experience, an integration, and a "milestone" for one's longer journey that perhaps only with hindsight years later is fully understood.

Because of the importance of personally created mandalas in Holotropic Breathwork they form an important part of what we share on this site. In addition, since the site receives visitors each month from people speaking on average 48 different languages, mandalas are a great way to bridge the language gap.

To add the mandala that you have created from your Holotropic Breathwork journeys to the site, use the Quick Add entry just to the right of this box, selecting "Mandalas" or go to Mandalas under Community and click "+Add Mandalas".

You can also provide information about the mandala. It has been suggested that if you have time it might be interesting for the mandala title or descriptions to include the date or at least year the mandala was made.
To see the mandalas that have been uploaded you can scroll down the the Home page to the Mandalas area, where a selection of 100 mandalas are shown as a slide show, or select Mandalas from the Community tab on the menu above. In either place click on a picture to see more.
Although there are many web sites where you can upload and share photos, our intention on this site is to share photos of breathwork mandalas or mandala-related art created as an outcome of a Holotropic Breathwork experience.
When you upload a mandala you can indicate whether it is visible to just yourself, only your community "Friends", or anyone.

After you upload a Mandala it will be reviewed and approved by site administrators, which may take up to 24 hours, before it appears on the site.

Please only upload materials for which you have the ownership/copyright or for which you have explicit rights from the copyright holder to do so,
Please do not upload pictures which you do not want other internet users to be able to copy and potentially reuse themselves, despite the fact that such actions may violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA), as described in the Ning Copyright FAQs


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