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Training and Certification for Holotropic Breathwork Facilitation

A foundation principle of Holotropic Breathwork is that it is "facilitated" by trained individuals who are able to provide support through the process, whether in a public workshop or a private session.

Certification in the Grof Transpersonal Training requires about 600 hours of residential training that takes at least two years to complete. This allows time for integration of the life-changing material that inevitably arises when people do breathwork over an extended period and provides a community context for support of rapid change. Practitioners are trained in a way of "doing" that is called "not-doing"; that is, they become sensitized to refrain from any action on their part which is not purely facilitative of what is already happening with the breather. Rather than viewing Holotropic Breathwork as a technique, practitioners regard it as a simple, but safe, set and setting wherein breathers can dive into their internal exploration and find support for the infinitely vast scope of experiences that might arise. In addition to experiential training, The Grof Transpersonal Training also provides a broad range of didactic information on many issues that can arise as part of the work. Some of the subjects covered include: abnormal psychology, pharmacology, childhood sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, world cosmologies, theologies, shamanism, recent theories of physics and other sciences, astrology, alchemy, imagery in nonordinary states of consciousness, perinatal and transpersonal themes in art and culture, the psychological and philosophical meaning of death, psychic phenomena, the use of intuition in transpersonal work, meditation, case examples of unusual transpersonal experiences, and ethical issues relevant to working with those in holotropic states.


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Comment by bob banner on February 11, 2018 at 6:53pm

more of a question... 600 hours is quite a bit... I lived in a community lead by robert augustus masters where we did dynamic meditation via rajneesh, intense body work, catharsis regularly, three years of living in this hot house of a community where challenges, emotional, cathartic was in our faces daily in the households we lived in as well as the various workshops weekly. we also meditated, processed regularly before meals to gain calrity.. I was roberts typesetter and would frequent his home with his three women roomates/lovers/one being a wife.. et al... I love holotropic breathwork! Ive done it a few times and it seemed so mild compared to what we were doing, be that as it may.. but we living it daily with spontaneous catharsis and intense breathing sessions while taking breaks from work.. we had a most interesting relationship with work.. we all had jobs that were inside the commuity as businesses which means we had the luxury to process even while working either gardening, roofing (well that could be dangerous.. I did fall once but fortunately not because of a spontaneous cathartic need to express!! we often would draw, write poetry, journal and often would work with new people when we were traveling to other areas or when other students from europe would travel to vancouver. in most cases all sessions, spontaneous or not were very safe.. people knew ahead of time what could be allowed. and what I learned was that just because someone is tapping into their anger, often times it doesnt stay there for too long... tears and grief catharsis was right around the corner. I would love to talk more about the certification process and speak with a trained facilitator and see what I need to gain acceptable status... or be evaluated to determine how many more hours I would need to gain the certification. Please feel free to ask any questions. bob banner :

Comment by Bakhtior Tagaev on August 13, 2015 at 4:04pm

Добрый день у меня вопрос такой  Где могу обучатся и куда обратится 

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