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The "Settings" link that is always there on the upper right of the page, under the Friends link, is the key to how you present yourself and interact with other community members. When you click Settings you will see four links on left.

  • PROFILE contains basic information about you. Be sure to upload a picture since most of the time your "presence" in the community will be signed with the picture from your profile. The Profile questions can be answered at any time, and your answers changed at any time. Let other community members know something about you.
  • APPEARANCE is not relevant right now as all member pages in this community have a similar layout and design.
  • PRIVACY controls who sees what from the content that you provide, and how they can reply to that content, as a default.
  • EMAIL controls what email notifications you receive when different things happen in the community - for example when someone sends you a message. Do what you want in this area, but we ask that you leave check the box for under Network Messages for "Messages Sent to Whole Network". We will use this only rarely, and for things we believe are important for all community members.


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