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Registering Global Holotropic Breathwork Day Events

In previous years our office manager has received hundreds of emails and phone calls from would-be participants asking questions about listed events with incomplete information. Naturally we don't know how many others didn't make the effort to contact us.

To get the greatest benefit from this opportunity, we need to provide as much information as possible. With clear, complete information, the potential new breathers can feel secure and comfortable and easily decide to participate. Missing or unclear information creates uncertainty, delay, postponed decisions and thus, lost opportunity.

Please include AT LEAST the following in your listing:

-- Starting time of event.
-- Estimated ending time.
-- Cost. This is the #1 question. If cost is variable (perhaps if there are different lodging options) give a range of the total ($xxx to $yyy) or specify them (Workshop: $xxx. Lodging: $yyy to $zzz).
-- Location. Please be as specific as you can. This will show up on the Google map listing of your event.
-- Who do I contact if I have a question? Include a phone number or an email address. Preferably both.
-- How do I register? Website? By phone? Please specify.
-- If there is a website with more information, please provide the URL.

Other useful information:
-- Is public transportation available?
-- Are meals provided?

Once you are satisfied that all potential questions have been answered, create the correct tags or keywords. The search engine on the AHBI website uses tags to display your listing. Incorrect tags means your event will be "invisible" to the search engine.

-- Tags are in English only, regardless of the language your page is displayed in.
-- Tags are separated by commas.
--"workshop" is not a permitted tag. Use "holotropicbreathwork" instead.
-- The general format for a workshop is
holotropicbreathwork, [duration], [city], [state] [country], [language], global-breathwork-day-2017

Duration can be: "oneday", "weekend", or "longer" (no quotes)

If your city has two words, enclose it in quotes: "New York"

Thus a weekend workshop in San Francisco would have tags like this:

holotropicbreathwork, weekend, "san francisco", ca, usa, english, global-breathwork-day-2017

A one-day workshop in Paris:
holotropicbreathwork, oneday, paris, france, french, global-breathwork-day-2017

See the help page on this website for more detail:

If you need more help setting up your event, contact the Grof Foundation office at the email address office(at)

You are welcome -- encouraged -- to use the GHBD logo on your website and emails.  Just COPY it from this page, store it on your computer, then use it for the event image.
-- If you need a high-resolution version for printed materials, please ask.
-- DO NOT use 2011's "Breathing Man" image. The artist has not given permission.



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Comment by Pablo Adrian Rodriguez on March 26, 2016 at 3:23pm

hello my event is on the list but not on the map. Could you include it there?. Thank you. Regards!

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