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The ability to add comments, participate in discussions, join groups, chat, or upload any content in this community requires that one become a member of the community through the SIgn Up process. As a part of that process you had to provide a Password. You can change that password at any time on your PROFILE accessed via the SETTINGS link on the upper right.

If you forget your community password you can simply click Forgot Password in the SIgn Up/Sign in box and an email will be sent to your email address containing a link you can use to reset your password.

Site Help or the Webmaster cannot access or reset your community password - it is "self service".

Note that the Community operates in such a way that you will stay "signed in" unless you specifically "Sign Out". Even if you shut down your browser or turn off your computer, when you come back you will still be signed in. This is convenient for your home computer but not so great for a shared computer. So be sure you always Sign Out if you do not want to stay logged in.


If you become a Grof Foundation Member and/or list your name in the Grof Foundation Certified Facilitator Directory, you will need to specify an email and password for this area as well when you join the Grof Foundation or register for the Directory listing. The email address and password can be the same or different from your Community email and password. Just like the community password, however, if you forget your password you can click Forgot Password at the SECURE AREA sign under Grof Foundation tab and a reset password link will be sent to your email address.

The purpose of the GROF FOUNDATION SECURE AREA PASSWORD is to enable you to sign in and make changes to your stored information, or to renew or change your membership or registration level.

Unlike the Community Sign In, the Secure Area system will sign you off if you close down your internet connections, if turn your computer off, or if you use the Logout function in the SECURE AREA.


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