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8 April 2017 GHBD


The seventh annual Global Holotropic Breathwork day will be celebrated on Saturday, April 8, 2017.

The list of events for 2017 is in the Events Section of this site under the  8 April 2017 GHBD tab.

The Global Sharing Group for this year's events will be hosted on our Global Holotropic Breathwork Day FACEBOOK page for sharing and updates at this link

EVEN IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND ONE OF THE EVENTS IN PERSON you can be a part of Global Holotropic Breathwork Day VIRTUALLY by joining us on Facebook at this link to share how your own inner journey is going!

It is also a great time and place to share how Holotropic Breathwork or any of the GROFS' work is helping you to navigate these turbulent times of change!!!

Click the following link to view a video of Stan and Brigitte welcoming everyone to participate in GHBD!


Global Holotropic Breathwork Day is celebrated around the world one day a year to offer a larger, international group experience for all participants. The tradition began in 2011. This event enables us to connect in a significant way individually and collectively even if we are not all in one physical space.

This event is planned and supported by the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation, that also provides this internet Holotropic Breathwork community platform.

Facilitators are encouraged to plan Holotropic Breathwork events for this day and weekend, and to post them on this site in the Events section. Those interested in participating are encouraged to contact Facilitators and ask about the possibility of an event in their area if they do not find one already scheduled.

Participants and Facilitators report that often there is more of a "we feeling" about the sessions and sharings, that go beyond differences to meet in that place where we are all connected.

We also encourage people who are not participating in these events to take time on that day to check in with their own "inner healer" and reflect on their own journeys of self discovery. We welcome you to participate in the sharing groups, too!

The plan for future Global Holotropic Breathwork Days is that they will always be on the second Saturday in April, to enable advance planning.


Information about Global Holotropic Breathwork Day 2016

To see the video message from Stan Grof for GHBD 2016, read the experiences and see the pictures that were shared before, during, and after the 2016 event, visit the Group on this site.

Information about Global Holotropic Breathwork Day 2015

To see the video message from Stan Grof for GHBD 2015, read the experiences and see the pictures that were shared before, during, and after the 2015 event, visit the Group on this site.

Information about Global Holotropic Breathwork Day 2014

Global Holotropic Breathwork Day was celebrated in 2014 on 12 April. 

The on-line sharing group for GHBD 2014 includes posts and pictures about the experiences of the day.

You can find the events that were registered by going to the Event Calendar and clicking on 12 April 2014.

One of our community astrologers, Renn Butler, provided an astrological analysis of GHBD 2014 in the Astrology group that he moderates on this site.

Another community astrologer, Matthew Steltzner, provided a video in which he first provides a short introduction to Archetypal Astrology (up to minute 28:15) and then spends 30 minutes in detail about the extraordinary energy mix that was present on Saturday, April 12.  Thank you, Matthew! The video is at:

Information about Global Breathwork Day 2013

The Sharing Group for Global Holotropic Breathwork Day 2013 was provided for community members to share their experiences before during, and after GHBD 2013 on 13.04.13.

The Google map of registered events for Global Holotropic Breathwork Day in 2013 is available at this link:

Information about Global Holotropic Breathwork Day, 2012

Global Holotropic Breathwork Day was celebrated on May 12, 2012.

Facilitators around the world offered Holotropic Breathwork events on this day. To see the map of the events that were held go to Google map of events.

Renn Butler's description of the astrological influences on May 12, 2012 was posted earlier in the Archetypal Astrology Group forum here.

His new report in the Astrology Group about the Breathwork Day he co-facilitated, including observations related to the astrological aspects of the event are here.

Thanks to everyone who organized events, facilitated, and participated!

Some comments and quite a few mandalas from the day are posted on the Facebook page dedicated to the event and the related Teleseminar, here.

Information about Global Breathwork Day 2011

On Global Breathwork Day 2011 there were 76 registered breathwork events in 28 countries. You can see the Google map of the events here.

The August issue of The Inner Door, the quarterly journal dedicated to Holotropic Breathwork and previously published by AHBI only for its members, featured reports from Global Breathwork Day events around the world. The Inner Door is now available as a weekly public blog.

  • Inner Door Vol 23 Issue 3, August 2011
    Global Breathwork Day: A Sharing from Spain by Guy James
    Mission Accomplished: One Giant Leap in the Shared Vision Moving Forward by Karey Pohn
    Stan Grof Returns to His Childhood Passion with Lillibit's Dream by Melody Sullivan
    A Sharing from Argentina by Ana Maria Aguirre
    The Others by Laurane McGlynn
    A Sharing from Houston, Texas by Grace Victoria
    A Sharing from Canada by Renn Butler
    A Sharing from Germany by Kenneth Sloan
    From Romania with Love by Elena Francisc
    A Sharing from Oregon by Cynthia Kranich

There are Public Sharing Groups on this site, as an extension of the private sharing groups that took place at each event after the breathwork sessions, You can see the list of groups and read the posts from those who participated in Global Breathwork Day 2011, or join the groups and add your own sharing, here.

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