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Facilitators' Help

This page provides help for Certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitators who are listed or would like to be listed in the Certified Facilitator's Directory on this site.

The help here is not relevant to anyone who is not a certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator.

Help Registering for the Listing

If you have not already done so, click on the Subtab REGISTER AS A FACILITATOR under the COMMUNITY tab on the main menu

Decide among the registration alternative choices you see there:

- Grof Foundation Member (Facilitator) at reduced, regular, or sustaining level
- Directory Listing Only, without Grof Foundation Membership

When you have decided, click the gray box labeled START APPLICATION IN A NEW WINDOW.

Chose your registration option by clicking the appropriate circle, and then Click NEXT.

Fill in the APPLICATION FORM. (If you need help with the form, Click here to see detailed form instructions)

(If you get the message EMAIL ALREADY IN USE when you submit the form using your email, it means we already have your information on file waiting for you to come back. Go the section, MAINTAINING YOUR DIRECTORY LISTING INFORMATION below.)

Click SUBMIT APPLICATION when you are done.

If you have selected an option that includes Grof Foundation Membership you will be asked to choose a payment method. You can pay online using a Credit Card or a Paypal account, or offline by sending us a check or doing a bank transfer. In any case you will get an invoice by email, marked paid if you have paid online.

You will receive an email verifying your application has been received and is being processed.

You will receive an email when your certification status has been checked and your registration activated, at which point your entry will show up in the directory listing.

You can then add up to 500 characters of text to describe your offerings, a picture, and other info. To do both or either of these use the Maintaining Your Directory Listing Information help below.

Help Maintaining Your Directory Listing Information

You can use the FACILITATOR INFO UPDATE page under GROF FOUNDATION to maintain Facilitator Directory Listing Information. To update your information, you will need your Secure Area Email and Password to sign in. You will then see your Profile Data< There are three possible situations:

  • You are already a Grof Foundation Facilitator Member and so your Directory Information is already setup and displayed in the Directory
  • You have applied for a new Facilitator Directory Listing and have received an email stating that it has been Approved and Activated
  • You did have a Facilitator Directory listing with the Grof Foundation (or earlier with AHBI) in the last several years, but are no longer a member. Our term for this is "Lapsed Member". We have saved your information for you, hoping you would come back. You can choose to renew your membership or change your membership level to the Free Directory Listing

If your Member Status is not showing ACTIVE, you will need decide whether you would like to RENEW your membership, or change to a free listing by clicking the CHANGE MEMBERSHIP LEVEL box.

If your Member Status is showing ACTIVE; you can review and make changes to your Directory Listing data as needed.

To make changes, or to add information, click EDIT PROFILE.

If you need help with the data fields, refer to the Facilitator Profile Data Example

When you are finished making changes, click PUBLISH to update the directory.

When you are finshed, click LOGOUT at the bottom of the screen.

Help Controlling What is Visible to the Public in Your Listing

To change what part of your information is visible on the Directory Listing, you can go to the FACILITATOR INFO UPDATE under GROF FOUNDATION. Sign in with your Secure Area Email and Secure Area Password.

Click "ACCESS BY OTHERS" to review your settings. To change your settings, click EDIT PROFILE. Then make your changes. Choose the option "EVERYONE" for a field that you want to make visible in the Public Directory. For example, your FAX Number, which is not normally shown on the listing. Then click PUBLISH.

Since the combined directory list has a controlled format, additional data that you make visible will only be seen by people when they click on your name in the Directory Listing. On the other hand, if you change your settings to not show something - like hiding your City name, it will not show up in the Directory Listing.

Click LOGOUT at the botttom when you are finished.

Help Linking Your Directory Listing to your Community My Page

Since the people searching the Facilitator Directory will be accessing it through the Holotropic Breathwork Online Community Site, it can be a nice feature to link your Facilitator Directory to your Community "My Page" so that people can find out more about you.

This is an especially good idea if you are listing your Event information in the Event Calendar on the Community site (see entry below).

To setup the link, go to the page on the Community that you want to link to. This could be your My Page, or another page (such as the listing of your events). Copy the web address that you see in the browser URL line into the clipboard, using the EDIT/COPY function.

Go to the FACILITATOR INFO UPDATE under GROF FOUNDATION. Sign in to the secure area.


Scroll down to the filed "Link to My Community Page". Click in this field, then use EDIT/PASTE to put the link data into the field.

Click PUBLISH at the bottom of the page.

Click LOGOUT at the bottom.

You are done. Now people viewing your Directory Listing can click directly to your Community page.

Help Setting up Your Events in the Community Event Calendar

The Holotropic Breathwork Community site has a built-in Events function, which we are using for breathwork and breathwork-related events.

Event creation is reserved for individuals who are certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitators that have registered for and been accepted in the Facilitator Directory Listing. So if you want to setup your events on the site but are not yet in the Directory Listing, you need to do that first. See "Registering for the Listing" above.

If you are registered and your information is already appearing in the Directory listing, just use the Quick Add box (on the upper right of every page, under your name), and select Event.

Full details about how to setup events please refer to Events Help.

We have rules about how the Event Type fields are used so that events can be organized and searched efficiently even though we expect to have many events from around the world. Please follow these rules, or ask Site Help for assistance if you have problems with them.

Help Removing Your Directory Listing

To remove your data from the public Facilitator Directory Listing, use the instructions above under Controlling What is Visible to the Public in Your Listing and set the value for all your data fields to "No Access". Your listing will disappear from the Facilitator Directory.. If later (after your year's retreat in Bhutan is over, for example) you can reverse the process by changing the field visibility to "Everyone" for the data fields that you would like in your listing. The point is you do not have to delete all the contact data that you have, then later re-enter it.

Getting Support Help

It you have not found the help you need here, do not hesitate to send a message to Site Help explaining the situation. We are always learning, and are ready to learn more.


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