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Events in this Holotropic Breathwork On-line Community have a special importance and at the same time present special challenges, as follows:

  • Holotropic Breathwork is "event-centric"
    Holotropic Breathwork is most often experienced by people in a group workshop, which is an event. So people interested in Holotropic Breathwork are often looking for events that meet their needs in terms of location, format, language and date as well as a Facilitator or Facilitator group with whom they feel comfortable..
  • How to Find an Event in a Global Listing?
    In a global community, it will be challenging as the community grows for people to find the events that they may be looking for amid the large number of events happening globally.
  • Is it really Holotropic Breathwork?
    Since this is a site dedicated to the practice of Holotropic Breathwork we want to make sure that events that are listed here as "Holotropic Breathwork" are in fact just that.

Therefore we have established the following Events Guidelines

Only Listed Certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitators Can Create Events.
We are limiting the events posted here to events by certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitators who are also listed in our Facilitator Directory. Any certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator can be listed in the site directory by joining the Association for Holotropic Breathwork, as a full or Reduced Rate Member. If individuals would rather not do that or cannot afford even the reduced rate, they can submit their application to be listed without cost.

Events must contain specific Event Type Tags.
The most important of these is the use of the "holotropicbreathwork" event type for Holotropic Breathwork events, but in addition we are asking that events specify the duration, city, country, and language. Without this structure we will have little chance of having an effective global event directory that is at the same time easily searchable.

For Global Breathwork Day events the event must be tagged with for example "global-holotropic-breathwork-day-2013" to enable them to be located easily.

Guidelines for Creating Events
(Events can only be created by a Certified Facilitator who is listed in the Facilitator Directory.)

1) Click the + ADD AN EVENT link at the upper right when you go to EVENTS under the COMMUNITY Main menu tab to add an event

Do not use the QUICK ADD /Event function under your name, as it does not show all the options you need for an event.

2) Event Name
Enter the name of your event. For Global Holotropic Breathwork Day events we recommend names of the form "Global Holotropic Breathwork Day in your-town, your state/province, your country" and with the facilitator's name if there is more than one event in this location.. 

3) Event Image
All events in the community must have a picture. You can use a symbolic image, mandala, clip art, or whatever you like. If you do not provide a picture the default picture is a sketch of a Phoenix bird rising from its ashes, (attributed to Stan Grof). For Global Holotropic Breathwork Day 2013 the image we recommend to use is below.

4) Event Description

Include anything you wish about the event, facilitators, and the venue. For Holotropic Breathwork, please include the names of the facilitators.  For Global Breathwork Day events please make sure the description includes how to register (that may be who to contact and an email or phone number), and the cost of the event, or range of costs.

5) Event Type values.
We require all events to be identified by at least five specific "Event Type" tags, so that events can be seached easily and consistently.These “event type” tags are to be entered, separated by commas. There is no restriction on adding additional Event Type tags if you want. Note: Please use lower case with no capital letters for all event type tags so that the automatic index that the system makes of all event types will work well.

a) The Eventtype itself. All "holotropicbreathwork" events need to include this term as a value in the Event Type - note that there is no space between the words.

b) The Duration of the event, either "oneday", "weekend", or "longer" for events longer than a weekend. Contact us if you feel it is important to offer an alternative duration choice.

c) The City of the event, which can be a large city near a small city to help people find it more easily. This needs to be spelled in English, since for now we are mostly an English site, in lower case. If the name has multiple words in it, please enclose the whole name in quotes, for example "san francisco".

d) The Country for the event, using the country names as they appear in the Facilitator Directory Advanced search.

e) The Language for the event. If your event is to be conducted in English, specify that here. When an event is large enough to support multiple languages, with language specific groups for specific languages, all the languages can be listed here. So for a large event in Switzerland one might see "italian, french, german, english" all in one event.

Stated another way, to be approved an event must have at least the following five Event Type tags:
Eventtype, Duration, City, Country, Language

f) The global-breathwork-day-2013 tag for breathwork events that include breathwork on April 13, 2013.

Event Type Tag Examples
For example a weekend HolotropicBreathwork workshop in Caracas in Spanish would be tagged:
holotropicbreathwork, weekend, caracas, Venezuela, spanish

And a oneday HolotropicBreathwork workshop in New York City would be tagged:
holotropicbreathwork,oneday,"new york", USA

A 5-day conference in New Delhi would be:
conference, longer, "new delhi", India, english

Note that if any Event Type Tag includes blanks, it must be enclosed in quotes.

6) Specify Event Start and End Days and Times.

7) An Automatic Link to the Event Creator and My Events page.
Every event has an automatic link back to the profile of the person who created the event. All the upcoming events a person has created can be seen by clicking Events on the person's profile page. The event creator does not have to specify this, but can name an organization or another person as the event owner for documentation.

8) Event Location, City/Town, Website, Phone Fields

No specific guidelines.

9) Event Organized By

This should be the person who created the event, or another organization if that is who is doing the organizing. The Facilitator creating the event on this site is, however, required to be present for the event.

10) Event Visibility and RSVP Options.
No specific guidelines provided. This provides a way for individuals in the community to indicate – and share with others on the site -- that they may or will attend an event.

11) Click “Create Event”.

Event Approval Process.
After the information for an event has been entered and CREATE EVENT is clicked, the event will be sent to site administration for approval, which should take on average 24 hours.

Site Administration will approve the event, provided it follows the above content guidelines and has been created by a Facilitator listed in the Facilitator Directory, or will contact the event creator if there is a question about the event.

As soon as an event is approved it will appear in the Events list on the site.

Changes to Event Content
Changes to the event content and Event Type tags can be made at any time by the Event Creator, by going to the Event page and clicking Edit Event. Changes to events should follow the above guidelines.

If you have questions or comments, please send a message to Site Help


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