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The chat feature on the Holotropic Breathwork Community enables community members to chat collectively or privately online with each other.

You Must Be a Community Member and Logged in to Use Chat

To use the chat features, just log into your community account in case you are not already logged in. If your name is shown on the top right of the page then you are logged in. Also, if you are not logged in, you will see a message along the bottom of the screen "Sign in to chat". If you are not already a community member, use the SIGN UP process at the top right of every page to join. It is easy and does not cost anything. If you are not signed in to the community and click the CHAT tab on the main menu you will be asked to sign in our sign up.

Use the CHAT tab on the horizontal main menu or the "Chat Bar" Along the Bottom of Your Browser Window to Access Chat

Locate the gray “Chat Bar” that runs all the way across your browser window when you are looking at a page in the Community site. It contains the text "The Holotropic Breathwork Communityt".

On the far right side of “Chat Bar”, you will see three icons

  • The first icon is a bar with an angled arrow under it. Clicking on it will open the live chat in a new window, ready for you to participate in the group chat. This is the recommended option to use for chatting, since the window stays open and does not lose any messages even when you navigate the site in another window.
  • The second icon it looks something like a person.Click on this to change your online status within the chat module between offline and online. When your status is online - the figure is black - other people can see your picture and name in the list and can ask you to participate in a private chat. If your status is offline - the figure is pale and "ghosted" - your name and picture will not appear in the members online list - and there is a red dot to the right.

Everyone’s default setting is “online” when you first sign-on to the site.

Using the Chat Window for Public Group Chat

Once you have opened the chat window, you will see a message area on the left named MAIN and a list of all other HB Community Members who are online with their online status set to “on” to the right. The MAIN area is a public group chat where everyone can post messages that are then seen by everyone else - in some cases even people who may sign in later.

Type your message into the box at the box at the bottom left of the chat window and hit ENTER on your keyboard to post your message to the MAIN chat.

Private Chatting

You can click on a name in the online members list, then select Private Chat when it appears under the name to invite that person to chat with you. If they already have a public chat window open they will see a request to chat from you which they can accept or decline. If they do not have a chat window open, they will see a yellow exclamation point in the gray Chat bar at the bottom of the page. When they click on this they will see who invited them to chat and can accept or decline.

You can have multiple private chats at the same time. A separate chat area with a named tab at the top is created for each private chat you are participating in. Select which chat to look at by clicking the tabs at the top of the chat message area.

When you are finished with a private chat move your mouse over the tab at the top of that chat area. A small circle will appear on the tab. Click that circle and that private chat area will close. The other person will get a message that you have "left the room".

Reporting Abuse

If you notice something in the chat area - or in any other area of the site - that you consider abuse click the REPORT AN ISSUE at the bottom of every site page to send a message about your concern to site administration.

Happy chatting!


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