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Grof Foundaiton Members' Help

This page contains help information for Members of the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation, which operates and supports this Holotropic Breathwork community site.

The Help information here is only relevant for Community members who are members of Grof Foundation or in the process of becoming members..

Help for Joining the Grof Foundation

To join the Grof Foundation, go the the Join the Grof Foundation link under the Grof Foundation tab in the main menu.

Click the box START APPLICATION IN A NEW WINDOW to display the forms of Membership.

Decide on which type of membership you want, then click the circle next to that, then NEXT.

A one page form will open for you to fill out.

There are two different forms to fill out based on the type of Membership:

When you have finished filling out the form, click SUBMIT APPLICATION..

Note: If you get a message "email already in use" it means that you were recently a Grof Foundation member and we have kept your data on file hoping you would come back. You need only to update your information and renew your membership, by signing in to the Secure Area. You will need a Secure Area Password to sign in there. To setup a password for your Membership data click the Forgot Password on the SECURE AREA sign-in box, enter the email address that you had tried to use in the application, and a link will be sent in an email to that email address for you to set your own new password.

You will then choose a payment option - online or manual - and can pay your membership fee by Credit Card, PayPal, or sending in a check or make a bank transfer in US dollars the the Grof Foundation Office.

To pay by Credit Card you need to first click the CONTINUE link under the "Don't have a PayPal account?" on the left side of the PayPal screen. Not so easy to notice.

You will receive an email confirming your application, and an Invoice for your payment via email.

If you have requested a Facilitator Membership your Certification information will be confirmed by the Grof Foundation Office and then your Membership activated, and your information will appear in the Facilitator Directory on this site.

After a Facilitator Membership has been confirmed and activated, you can sign in to the Secure Area (see below) and add Directory Listing Text to your Directory entry to list co-facilitators or other information about your offerings.

If you have questions about your membership status, or your application, send a message to Site Help.

Thanks for Joining the Grof Foundation!

Help for Accessing the Inner Door Archive

To access this archive, use select the Inner Door link under the Grof Foundation tab in the main menu then use the link there to go to the Archive

You will see a sign-in box for your Secure Area Email and Password. These are the same as specified when you joined, or when you maintained your data. Use them to sign in.

You will then see the list of Inner Door issues and contents.

Click on an issue name to open it as a pdf file.

Help for Maintaining Your Membership Data

To maintain your Membership data please go to the SECURE DATA area under the Grof Foundation tab in the main menu.

Sign in with your Secure Area email and Secure Area Password.

You will see the data that is on file for you.

To make changes to this data, click EDIT PROFILE.

There are two different sets of Profile Data that you may see:

  • For help in making changes for a non-Facilitator, click here.
  • For help in making changes to data for a Facilitator Membership, click here.

Make the changes you want, then click PUBLISH at the bottom left.

Click LOGOUT on the bottom right to exit the Secure Area.

Help for Renewing Your Membership

To renew your Grof Foundation Membership, go to the RENEW Membership under the Grof Foundation tab on the main menu.

Sign in with your Secure Area Email and Secure Area Password.

  • If you do not know your password, click FORGOT PASSWORD, enter the email address has for you on file (this will be the email address where you received your Renewal Notice). An email will be sent to you including a link where you can reset your password to whatever you want.
  • If the sign in and the FORGOT PASSWORD function do not recognize your email as valid for sign-in, it means that AHBI has a different email on file for you. Contact the Grof Foundation Office to find out what that email is, or look at emails you have received from the Grof Foundation to see what email address they were sent to.

Click the "Renew Until day-month-year" box on the right.


You can decide to update your profile if you want to before you renew. If you do, click the Yes circle, otherwise No.

Click NEXT.

Select your payment method - Online with credit card/PayPal or Manual if you want to send us payment.

  • If you select online (credit card or PayPal), you will get a payments page that seems at first glance to require you to sign in to PayPal, which you can do if you have a PayPal account.
  • To pay with a credit card, and not Paypal, click the small "Continue" link under the "Don't have a Paypal account?".

Make the online payment if that is what you have selected.

You will receive an email verifying your renewal, and an email Invoice for your Payment, marked PAID if you have paid online or AMOUNT DUE if you have selected Manual payment..

Thanks for renewing your membership!

Getting Support Help

If you need additional support, please send a message to Site Help.


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