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A forum to celebrate poetry inspired by holotropic ("moving toward wholeness") experiences.

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Welcome Poets and Aficianados

Welcome poets and aficianados. This is a gallery to share your poetry inspired by holotropic experiences. Feel free to create your own "Discussion Forum" and post your cherished work.

To post multiple poems in a row, go into your Forum, click on the "Edit Discussion" button and post your new poem at the end.

For people who are browsing, you can also post comments and feedback in each person's Forum. This is always much appreciated. :-)

Discussion Forum

Announcing the publication of my book of holotropic poetry - Opening Inward 1 Reply

Opening Inward is a selection of metaphysical and mystical poems that offers an account of my inner experiences into the world of non-ordinary consciousness as revealed by the practice of Holotropic…Continue

Started by Laurane. Last reply by Laurane Jan 17, 2015.

Leper - a poem by me 8 Replies

Leper Slide the deadbolt open.Enter,enter into my kingdom.You need not perishin the hell of your catacomb,or wait another dayto roll away the stonethat keeps you buried alive. Come near,nothing…Continue

Started by Laurane. Last reply by Nora Dosan Nov 24, 2014.

She Who Collects The Bones

She Who Collects the Bones We all startas a bundle of bones in the desert,disassembled beneath the shifting sands,gathering the skeletons of the spiritswho breathe flesh into our bones. Climbing the…Continue

Started by Laurane Mar 2, 2014.

Inside out

Inside out Relentless streamsOf July rainOn the windowOf a London train Mirror,Exactly, A sensationAnd a feelingIn my heartOf pain easing.Continue

Started by Michael Harris Oct 22, 2012.


Handshake SometimesWhen two fronts meet,The weather changesFor the better – Out thereAnd in here. I know the warmthOf your handshakeMelted some ofThe cold in me.Continue

Started by Michael Harris Oct 22, 2012.

Black Dog

Black Dog Losing your dog,Your black dog,Occasioned in youA great sadness. Just as,Earlier, Losing your sadness,Your great sadness,Occasioned in youA black dog.Continue

Started by Michael Harris Oct 22, 2012.

Spiders Web 4 Replies

Lost, cold, afraidNoises, screams, uncertaintyConstraint, pressure, can't breathe, suffocatingChoking, stinging, burning, saturated(What is this liquid that burns my body, will I ever get rid of…Continue

Started by Lynda Close (Smith). Last reply by Lynda Close (Smith) Jan 30, 2012.

Red Velvet Sea

Dread fills my soul, I walk the plank, accept my fateA thick bloody, velvet sea swallows my eyesI can see only redForever lost in the violent currentsMy body torn, ripped, separated from my…Continue

Started by Lynda Close (Smith) Jan 17, 2012.

BPM II poem 2 Replies

 NamelessNow, I lay me down,in a nest of torment.Untie my knotted fists,gnashing teethand twisted body. In this womb cave,lined with the thorns of neglect,Fear breedslike intravenous poison.Propelled…Continue

Started by Laurane. Last reply by Gulliver Maxwell Brodbeck Oct 29, 2011.

The Heart of Dance - Poem by P2 4 Replies

This poem was inspired by my HART Dance (breathwork) experience on Saturday, Dec. 20th. at the HART Center in Memphis. P2The Heart of DanceOut of the quiet rises a stirringA soft, subtle desire to…Continue

Tags: trance, dance, dancing, poetry, work

Started by Priscilla Parham. Last reply by Priscilla Parham Jul 15, 2011.

Humanity is often experienced as a base petri dish of body fluids and excrement ; we all complain about the weather but nobody does anything about it 1 Reply

archangel swimming at sunsetso the dead can;'t see me  riding  suns  wave  into   its  bloody red orb shredding compulsion; obsession  and all that makes me   tremble and wait     by  her door  …Continue

Started by michael Davidson. Last reply by Renn Butler Jul 14, 2011.

My experience of Breathwork

Here we are lost in mind trapped in bodies, full of broken thoughts counting the spilling rain drops that fills the room. I feel alive so i am not dead found it hard to breath and to get through the…Continue

Started by Finnian O Connor Apr 5, 2011.

The Light Seeker 2 Replies

The Light Seeker  Lucky like a hawks’ wing Lucky that these stars are ours But yours, it should make a mockery of mine Swallowtailed, jubilant Under my bushel leaking light I danced around the trees,…Continue

Started by Maeve Kelly. Last reply by Maeve Kelly Sep 19, 2010.

Life Blinds

This poem describes a recent experience of 'merger' on waking. Life Blinds As I awake I seeThe window above me,Blinded by a sheet –Hooked up, puckered,With ripple-effect folds –All but two panes,That…Continue

Started by Michael Harris Jun 11, 2010.

In terms of transpersonal experiences for poetry writing 8 Replies

Hello self-enthusiasts and self-enlighteners. I am currently doing a research paper on the creative process that holotropic breathwork stimulates by affecting human psyche and opening up the eyes…Continue

Started by Christian Andrews. Last reply by Elisa Sawyer Apr 22, 2010.

Lost Idyll 2 Replies

This poem arose out of a conversation with my friend Kate Mawn and, later, imagining myself on a Summer day in Clare, Kerry, Galway, Mayo or Donegal (anywhere along the west coast of Ireland - my…Continue

Started by Michael Harris. Last reply by Michael Harris Mar 3, 2010.

Deepening 1 Reply

I wrote this poem after a breathwork session at the Insight & Opening workshop In October 2009 in Rhinebeck NY. I welcome comments.DeepeningHere in this gathering place,my heart opensto join in…Continue

Started by Laurane. Last reply by Elisa Sawyer Mar 2, 2010.

"What's Inside You?" and "She's the One" 2 Replies

The inspiration for "What's Inside You?" came from my own holotropic experiences over many years and from reading Stan Grof's The Cosmic Game.What's Inside You?On the highest mountain peak I found…Continue

Started by Renn Butler. Last reply by Elisa Sawyer Nov 14, 2009.

Mother 3 Replies

There can be forgivenessAnd there also cannot.These two intertwine like a vinemarried in dualitytwisting around fruit of our loveYou are the army that marched upon me.You watered me then made me…Continue

Started by helen jurd. Last reply by helen jurd Nov 10, 2009.

A Million Metaphors 1 Reply

Shatter me into a million metaphors!Wrench me apart into a thousand different discriptionsof the sun, the wind, the air, the love, LIFE!Dip me into the deepest oceanthen shake me off, scatter me like…Continue

Started by helen jurd. Last reply by Elisa Sawyer Nov 10, 2009.


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