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Global Holotropic Breathwork Day 2016 Global Sharing


Global Holotropic Breathwork Day 2016 Global Sharing


This group provides a global public sharing circle for before, during, and after Global Holotrooic Breathwork Day 2016.  Please share only from your own experience and do not post things about the specific experiences of others. Note that this is a public space. Thanks for your interest and engagement!  TO POST PLEASE SIGN IN OR JOIN THE COMMUNITY (FREE) THEN CLICK THE +JOIN BUTTON ON THE TOP RIGHT. THEN USE THE COMMENT FUNCTION.

Stan Grof's video greeting for GHBD 2016 and introduction of his new partner Brigitte Ashauer-Grof

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Comment by Mojca Studen on November 7, 2016 at 8:43am

I didn't find the new Global HBW yet... For 2017 I purpose the Global Day to be set on Fool's day: first of April, since it is also an important date for Stan, Barbara ans holotropic community.

Comment by DANIEL PETRA on April 15, 2016 at 8:23pm

On April 9, in Montreal, we were 32 participants and 4 facilitators, led by Alain Menir. This was the largest group in which I have ever taken part, over the past 13 years.


For me it was quite a wonderful, luminous, empowering and very healing experience.

I felt very deeply connected to the entire group, to all the groups that were breathing around the world and to humanity as a whole.


I also felt, even more strongly than in the past, that we were doing the work not only for ourselves but for all our brothers and sisters throughout the world. This felt very sacred and also quite mysterious.


The sharing at the end was quit surprising, as always. I was extremely touched, as usual, by the courage and the commitment of all the brave participants. I truly felt enormously blessed and very privileged to be a part of this group and of this amazing process.

Comment by Glenn Girlando on April 15, 2016 at 2:31am

We had a wonderful day of global breathing in Seattle, US.  25 participants ranging in ages from 16 to 74 enjoyed a freeform dance-movement on Friday evening and then breathed together on Saturday.  peace and blessings for world healing to all who participated!

Comment by Kenneth Edwin Sloan on April 14, 2016 at 10:00am

Relaying a message from Monika Flueckiger, Koeniz, Switzerland, in German and English:

Der Global Holotropic Breathwork Day 2016 war wunderbar. Das Seminar war ausgebucht und es hätten noch einige mehr kommen wollen. Die Teilnehmer hatten diesmal viele Erfahrungen im Bereich Erde und Schöpfung, Tiere und Pflanzen. Für viele war berührend, dass sie stark spürten, dass es ein gemeinsames Atmen war, hier in der Gruppe und auch Global. Die persönlichen Themen waren nur am Rand wichtig. Ein Teilnehmer hat später berichtet, dass ein Medium gesehen hat, wie die Energie all der Atmenden transformiert und als Heilenergie für die Erde verwendet wurde. Es hatte eine deutlich mystische Energie spürbar.

Herzlichen Dank für die Arbeit von allen die den GHBD ermöglichen. Besonders auch für die Videobotschaft, die gerade noch rechtzeitig bei mir angekommen ist. Die Hochzeit von Stan und Brigitte war eine schöne Überraschung und die Teilnehmer hat es gefreut.

The GHBD 2016 was wonderful. The seminar was fully booked and with a waiting list. Participants had many experiences related to the earth and creation, animals and plants. For many it was touching that they experienced that it was a communal breathing experience, here in our group and also globally. The personal issues were of secondary importance in people's sessions. A participant later reported that a medium had reported seeing how the energy of all the breathers was transformed and used as a healing energy for the Earth. It was an experience of a distinctly mystical energy.

Thanks for the work of all who enabled the GHBD to happen. Especially for the video message, which arrived exactly on time, in the last minute for us. The wedding of Stan and Brigitte was a lovely surprise and the participants were pleased to hear about it.

Comment by Regina Kuchle on April 12, 2016 at 2:47pm

Hi To All in the Community... I am delighted and happily overwhelmed 20 people attended our Mexico's retreat for HBW.  Our 3 day retreat took place in a site with the presence and view of the powerful energetic Tepozteco mountain where a ancestral mixtec temple remains. The tepozteco caught fire tree days before our retreat commenced, meaning that our HBW was influenced by the arquetypes of Tepozteco Mountain and the noticeable element of wind and fire. It was trilling and so beatiful at the same time.  Thank you Stan and the Grof team for your encouragement and love.  With my love i share some photos.   

Comment by Alberto Muni Valls on April 12, 2016 at 1:00am

Greetings to All Holotropic Family of the world! We had an amazing workshop in the mountains of Cayey, Puerto Rico with mayority for the first time and young participants half of the group! All blessed by the group`s beautiful support to the whole work! 18 mandalas shared!

Comment by Alain Menier on April 10, 2016 at 2:33pm

Yesterday was our largest workshop in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) in a very long time: 32 participants breathed for GHB Day 2016 ! 

A truly magical day that could not be described more accurately than by those amazing mandalas. Sending healing energies to every keeper of this wonderful work,

Comment by norma panno on April 10, 2016 at 11:46am

Glad to announce that we had a wonderful experience in our Holotropic Breathwork Day in our Devoto site (Buenos Aires-Argentina).  Nobody wanted to go back home so we even prepared a light dinner and will continue today (Sunday) with another shering based on  Archetypal Astrology.  Blessings to all of you in the Community.

Comment by John Ablett on April 10, 2016 at 7:46am

Looking at the world clock I see that April 9th is now (just) over.  Only by half an hour in San Salvador and Calgary!  I guess that there will be many of you in weekend workshops who are still integrating and maybe even some of you with breathings still to go this morning.  Hang in there, there's still plenty of time.

Here in the hylotropic world, I'm trying to stay open to the images of the psyche in the same way as I would if I were there in the breathwork room.  Yesterday's image, not far from my home, was an old uprooted tree trunk.  It was full of small birds, pecking at the insects, and it reminded me of the way that even parts of our own past that seem dead and beyond use can be reanimated with a new and very different kind of life when exposed in all their vulnerability.  Almost as soon as I noticed them and registered the image in my minds eye, the sparrows flew their seprate ways.  Extraordinary.

Comment by Carolyn Green on April 10, 2016 at 6:12am

Love to see your post breathwork faces! Here are ours at the O.U.R. (our united resources) Ecovillage! Great day. Felt the love and the One Breath!


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