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13.04.13 Global Holotropic Breathwork Day Sharing Group


13.04.13 Global Holotropic Breathwork Day Sharing Group

This is the Sharing Group for Global Holotropic Breathwork Day 2013.

Click the + JOIN link above right to join this group so you can see the posts and write your own.  If you are not yet an HB Community Member you will also need to join the online community at the "SIGN UP" link on the upper right of this page.

Please share your experiences from before, during, and after 13 April, in whatever form you wish: text, pictures, or mandalas.  These will be visible to other members of this group, but not to the public.

You are also invited to share "My Wish for the World" if you have one in this challenging time between the death of what was and the birth of what is to come.

Though this group is limited to the AHBI online community, there is no guarantee of confidentiality once your sharing is posted on the internet.  Keeping that in mind, please do not post the experiences of others in your workshop, anything that might identify them, or photos of others' mandalas without their explicit permission.

Please post in any language.  Use the Select Language box on the right to translate or other translation services as needed to read entries.

Thank you all for your engagement in Global Holotropic Breathwork Day 2013.

All the best for the coming year,
AHBI Workshop Coordinator

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