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Global Breathwork Day Sharing - 2011 - English


Global Breathwork Day Sharing - 2011 - English

Sharing for Global Breathwork Day in 2011, in English

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This group is for public sharing for people who participated in the first Global Breathwork Day on 11 June, 2011.

Note:  It is not necessary to have participated on one of the registered events on June 11 to join in and post here - but the topic of your post should be the Global Breathwork Day and your experiences and impressions associated with it.

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Comment by Guy James on July 7, 2011 at 10:36am
Yes, superb mandala in the video! Wish I could draw/paint like that...
Comment by Tommy on July 7, 2011 at 10:35am
The mandalas are amazing. I see freedom and power with the eagle in the centre. Very nice work.
Comment by John Ablett on July 7, 2011 at 8:46am

A short video file showing my ongoing integration process from my experiences in the online sharing circle and outside life over the weekend:



Comment by Helle Nielsen on July 3, 2011 at 9:59am
response from Global breath-work day: one of the participants from June 11th have for several years had severe panic attacks. She has participated in several workshops and worked her way through some deep layers of abuse and failure. She called yesterday and told me that she several times since Global breath work day has felt the fear coming, but the experience from June, 11th meant that she did not let herself be overwhelmed by fear, she detects it and let it be. As she said:Holotropic Breathwork works!
Comment by Renn Butler on July 1, 2011 at 9:29pm


            Sixteen of us (fifteen participants including two supersitters) gathered for Global Breathwork Day at the idyllic Deer Leap Yoga Studio near Victoria, Canada.  It was the most intense and expressive small group I’ve ever participated in and we were honored to have a range of people there, from new breathers to veteran rebirthers from the Eighties. 

            Almost every participant experienced dramatic surges of energy, vocalizing, and emotional release.  These included some deep crying, sequences of coughing and choking, explosive discharges of aggression, fear and doubt, exultant laughing, tender bonding, and feelings of cosmic unity.  I was impressed by the steady loving presence of all the sitters, with some of the caring very poignant to witness.  The lunch break was sublime as we savored the exquisite feminine energies of the Moon trine Neptune and Venus square Neptune world transits and the beautiful natural setting.

            A powerful Dionysian wave, reflecting the world transits of Uranus square Pluto and Jupiter trine Pluto, carried through the entire day.  One participant experienced drawing cosmic energy down into the human realm and burning off collective karma.  Another felt she was giving birth and simultaneously experienced some kind of primal snake goddess that mediated a connection with her divine nature.  She also had a full identification with the ancient and empowered Indian Mother Goddess and felt compelled to repeat “Ma Ma Ma” over and over.  Several people experienced leaving the mundane world behind and exploding out into the heavens.  Another said she felt in her session like she had participated in the birth of a new cosmos and looked out in awe at this new universe.  Another experienced waves of bliss and mused ironically why she wasn’t suffering more.  Many breathers and sitters reported being impressed by the intensity of the energies flowing through everyone.

            I remember thinking in Canada the afternoon before that the Australians and Indonesians were then just starting.  Later, lying in bed with my mind still racing along, I wondered if there was anything else I needed to do or something more I could share online.  Then around midnight, I realized that the big Russian groups were just beginning to breathe - and they don’t mess around!. . .  At that point, I just gave up my head and surrendered into the cosmic healing wave.  Then in sequence, I acknowledged the beginning of all the European groups, the Egyptians, and Dubaians and then in the morning our Western Hemisphere colleagues.  As our second group of breathers was starting late in the afternoon, I remember saying: “You are the last wave of this entire global experience. You’re in a safe space to really go for it”!  And they did. . .

            At the very end of the day, the host put on a CD and the final six of us broke into twenty minutes of spontaneous dancing and laughing.  As most of the same group drove home together, the atmosphere was high-spirited and enthusiastic as we marveled at the two-thirds-full Moon glowing in the evening sky.  Talking with people in the days following, many said they had begun or accelerated a process of facing painful memories, shed some major baggage in their lives, or turned an important corner – and that cosmic energies were still flowing through them in new ways or opening their higher chakras.  The expression “Wow!” was repeated a number of times.

            Thanks so much to Stan and Christina, Tav and Cary from GTT, Ken, Bonnie, and Martin from AHBI, Teresa and Jim from Wisdom University, and the many breathers and apprentices for making this such a great experience.  A special thanks to all the Holotropic Breathwork facilitators around the world who organized workshops on short notice.  It feels like a new chapter in the modern transpersonal movement has begun.  This experience, as well as listening to Stan’s interview with Lilou Mace this spring (, has given me a new feeling, that the broader paradigm shift is being born by the cosmic creative principle itself.  The transition is underway, at its own pace, and we are all just going along with the process.

            It was been very special to feel the connection with all of you this spring on June 11, in the conference call, and in the Wisdom University Teleseminar.  Best wishes to everyone for a happy summer. 

Comment by Renn Butler on June 23, 2011 at 11:10pm

Here is a video of Stan and Christina Grof's group in Woodacre, CA on Global Breathwork Day.

Comment by Guy James on June 22, 2011 at 10:19pm
I will take the opportunity of posting a summary of my HB experience on the 11th June in Barcelona. Please forgive its length but I couldn't edit it any more! Here we go:

I had to kind of psych myself up before the session because I felt rather tired and unprepared, and once the music started I felt a bit lost as if I didn’t have any issues to deal with, and there was none of the pressure I had felt in some of the previous sessions. The more I breathed, my body started stretching out and moving in time with the music, which was a very psychedelic set one of the facilitators had got from a Mexican HB practitioner. I shouted a few times to wake me up and bring my consciousness into the present moment.

I still wasn’t really connecting too much but then after maybe half an hour I had the image of a door and I suddenly knew that this was an invitation to go through into another state of consciousness, but I also knew that I had to leave my habitual self and my problems behind completely. I knew I could sit and think about problems forever but I now had the choice to ‘get with the program’ and leave all of that behind. There was a feeling of a very practical consciousness within giving me this choice.

It was like a paradox because lately I’d been feeling a bit unsure as to whether I should try to make an inner change, or if I should merely accept everything and the change would evolve naturally of its own volition. It came to me like a flash that yes, I must change, but this only entailed becoming more myself. I also had the growing realisation that I was able to ‘see’ my soul or real self – it was so obvious, it had been there all the time and I had been ignoring it! I knew if I went through the door then I would be going into this real self and everything would change. I felt enormous fear and had to breathe into the fear for a while before I could think clearly again. I knew I had to go through this door, whatever the consequences.

Unfortunately it is impossible to describe the real self, other than it is limitless and one with everything… I went through the door.

On the ‘other side’, I was just one with impersonal Love, there is no other way to describe it. I had the song title in my head; ‘Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love’ and I imagined shooting them out of my hands into the sky. This then transformed very briefly into a situation where I was god and putting the stars in the sky. I felt one with the ultimate process which is creating the world and everything, but only for a few seconds. Although I felt fear, I don’t think it was that which pulled me back, it was almost like I knew I wasn’t ready for that at a deep level and my consciousness just naturally retreated from that after giving me a glimpse.

Next I could see columns of blue light radiating up from spots around the Earth- the places where people were doing the Breathwork on this special day of ‘Breathing as One’, but also where the people were protesting in Barcelona and Madrid, and other places where people were standing up to power. I saw these columns of light flowing into the sky which was made of this blue light, and I saw the columns expanding to become islands of light, which then gradually merged to cover the whole Earth. I knew we were part of this movement which is going to transform the whole world. Needless to say this was a very powerful and positive experience!

I actually felt too full of impersonal love and felt that I had to let some of it out, so I adopted a kind of Islamic prayer position and imagined it flowing out of me, into everyone else in the hall and from there into the city and the world, going wherever it might be needed.

Then I felt the impulse to apologise to the planet for the damage I and other humans were causing. I seemed to receive a kind of reply along the lines of ‘How can you apologise when we are one organism? There is nothing to apologise for. If you did something that is also my will’. This very much goes against the prevailing view that humanity is ‘a virus with shoes’ and that we are destroying our own mother in a kind of abusive relationship. In fact it points the way to a view where there is no separation, no guilt, no blame, and no need to apologise. If we adopt this view, although it might seem counter-intuitive, I can imagine that we would naturally cease to hate ourselves and have much less need to behave in a way which would cause the planet (and thus ourselves) harm.

For a while I lay back and was basking in the light of these revelations. I held my carer’s hand for a while in order to share some of the impersonal love, as she had done with me in her session. It is very easy to feel when attachment or desire enters in these situations, and when there is just a flow of love that needs nothing at all from the other person.

I had the realisation that our soul (and there is only one soul, or rather ‘not two’) is so beautiful that if our bodies were as luminous and perfect as it is, we would be unbearably conceited and arrogant. The imperfect physical world offers a completely necessary balance to the utter perfection of our inner being. The problem is that most people only know the imperfection and are unaware of the perfection, thus life appears ugly and meaningless. This time however I was just so happy that although I felt boundless compassion for everything, I did not feel in the least sad. The imperfection and pain in the world was seen as a perfect and necessary part of our ‘journey’ which is only really a deepening of the present moment and a merging into who we really are.

I had some realisations about my past relationships and issues with attachment to women and I could see that I now had a choice not to be this way any more.
I then lay back for a while feeling very relaxed, and I think I adopted the ‘Islamic prayer’ position again after a while and let love flow out of me, allowing it to go wherever it was needed most. I remembered Osho’s saying that love increases the more you give away, not decreases as with most things. I realised if you gave all your love away, it would be replaced, with interest, immediately!

Gradually I started to think about coming back to the room, as the music was winding down. I had a difficult time coming back to the consensus reality for a while and a facilitator told me to jump up and down as I felt my head was totally ‘in the clouds’. Words can hardly even capture a tiny part of the experience but I feel it is worthwhile to try. There have been other realisations since and hopefully there will be more, not that I need anything more at all now.
Comment by Klaus John on June 22, 2011 at 5:22pm
"spontaneous dancing and laughing" - Yes, that was also a special aspect in my group.
Comment by Klaus John on June 20, 2011 at 6:31pm
my group in Chemnitz to the Global Breathwork Day had 12 participants.
Special was that the group was international.
It was someone from Canada and Ireland, and someone spent a lot of time in Japan and is very connected to that culture.
On Friday evening, we discussed the work and the special event.
After the mandala sharing, I asked the group whether there were special experiences in relation to the ideas of the Global Breathwork Day.
The unanimous opinion was that initially one thought about the special day, but then the experience took its own dynamic process.
There have been transpersonal experiencees with global issues as well as in other breathwork sessions.
You may look at the mandalas in my comment in the german language area.
The mandalas speak for themselves. The publication here was discussed and explicitly allowed.

Klaus John
Comment by Alysson (Allison) Troffer on June 19, 2011 at 7:53pm
Hi fellow seekers,

I commented earlier on my breathwork experience about being a snake the entire time. It took a week to sink in, but I now believe that I had a kundalini awakening during my session. As I shed my snake skin, I felt energy moving up through my chakras. It was an active but gentle process, after which I felt such gratitude and liberation. I'd love to hear if anyone else had a kundalini awakening on June 11th or at some other time.

I'd also appreciate any suggestions for reading about kundalini awakenings. I have read the relevant section in Stan's book, The Adventure of Self-Discovery, which was very helpful, as well as the articles in the May 2001 issue of The Inner Door (which has the theme, "Holotropic Breathwork and Kundalini"). If you would rather email me personally, you can reach me at

I hope those who breathed are integrating their sessions well and giving themselves lots of self-care!

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