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For the first half of 2014, the powerful evolutionary Uranus square Pluto of 2006-2020 is being expanded by the Jupiter archetypal principle while given dynamic outlets by that of Mars.  These four planets, in a series of right angles with each other, are forming what is called a “grand cross”. 


To understand our own decade, it may be helpful to look at the recent previous alignment of Uranus and Pluto - during the period 1960-1972 – in which they formed a “conjunction” i.e., together in the same part of the sky.  We might now expect to see an intensification of any of the themes that dominated that unique decade: including democratic and civil rights breakthroughs, erotic emancipation and liberation of the Dionysian principle, female empowerment, gay rights, ecological awareness, intensified creativity, technological quantum leaps, and spiritual awakening.


The enhanced combination with Mars and Jupiter in 2014 suggests a period when the evolutionary, purging, dying, renewing, and releasing processes related to Pluto, and the electrifying, liberating, awakening, rebelling, and opening processes associated with Uranus will be greatly intensified.  The gods and goddesses have an infinite palette from which to create our experiences, and astrology can predict only the broad thematic flavor of what may happen.  It is probable that the next six months will have a dramatically unexpected quality, with many powerful releases and eruptions of emotional energy, sudden openings and liberating changes, and a widespread sense of awakening and rebirth.  There may be a progressive spirit in the air, a kind of wild magical feeling.  At times, it may also feel like out-of-control energies are breaking out all over.  More people may begin to see beyond their apparent short-term interests and have a sense of planetary citizenship and compassion for others.


Our era has been described as a kind of titanic birth labor, leading towards some future point of collective species awakening.  This is one of those times when the labor contractions bearing down on humanity – our many escalating social and environmental problems - press us forward much faster and more surprisingly than usual.  One of the most helpful contributions each of us can make is to explore the unconscious material in our own psyches.  These buried traumas keep us locked in ecologically destructive and emotionally dissatisfying ways of being.  The litany of alarming events in the world around us are an ongoing reminder to look inward.

 Renn Butler

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"The eyes of the future are looking back at us and they are praying for us to see beyond our own time.  They are kneeling with hands clasped that we might act with restraint, that we might leave room for the life that is destined to come."  - Terry Williams


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looks to be an interesting time period.

"What Venus retrograde does correspond to – and what it corresponded to last week – is a change in policy of central banks, like the Federal Reserve Board, which just announced it will start its tapering process. Will that coincide with a reversal from the all-time high? I don’t know." reported in Merriman on Money [He claims astrological forecast of the commodities market is historically 80% accurate.]


The most dramatic demonstrations of these revelations is taking place right now, while Jupiter makes a cardinal T-square to the Uranus-Pluto square, August 2013 through April 2014. In the study of Financial Astrology, the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square has a historical correlation to economic crisis and severe stock market declines. Will it do so again this time? Maybe not, because the Federal Reserve Board is still heavily involved in buying securities (market intervention), even though they announced they would taper slightly now, from $85 billion/month to $75 billion. That’s still enough to support the market. --Merriman


Every 11 years when Saturn and Rahu come together throughout history there is a rise to extreme conflict that transpires into peace as the end result. ...The last time Saturn and Rahu were together in Libra and nakshatra Swati was 1865. This critical time in history transformed the world as President Lincoln abolished slavery and was assassinated, but it was the end of the Civil War....Mars retrograde in Virgo and Libra will bring both disease and war in the coming months. 

Saturn and Rahu in Libra are conjunct the Solar Eclipse [happened in 2013]. 
Saturn is the planet of reality and controls time. In Libra Saturn makes us recognize the importance of balance. This is a very extreme and pivotal time in history....Swati [a lunar sign..nakshatra] is literally about the wind indicating many storms will cause great destruction worldwide while Rahu is in Swati. But when Jupiter retrogrades back into Ardra, which is the howling wind there will be more violent storms that will rock the world, January 16, 2014 - April 25, 2014. I predict this winter will be one of the coldest winters in many years.
Figuratively the winds of change will produce a transformation and new birth that is necessary for growth on our planet. The old must die to make room for the new to grow. 

Swati is a powerful nakshatra for business, creating new business models never thought possible before. ..Next spring is extremely threatening, March 1st Mars will station retrograde at 3 degrees of Libra within two degrees of Rahu. Later August 15, Mars will finally cross this mark (17 degrees Libra) and finish the turbulence created during the previous year. There will be major disturbances and war within the next year....Rahu will cross the current degree Mercury is stationing, 8 degrees of Libra. But the greatest intensity is when Jupiter will be at 17 degrees of Gemini in the nakshatra Ardra. This is the first 2 weeks of February. The symbol of Ardra is a teardrop and howling winds, for the presiding deity is the storm god Rudra. Jupiter was 17 degrees of Gemini on September 11th 2001. Beware of February 10-11 for the Moon will join Jupiter. Currently the incubation period is developing a crises for 2014....The stationing now of three very important planets simultaneously will influence these effects, Mercury, Neptune, and Jupiter. Mercury and Neptune are in exact trine, Mercury 8 degrees Libra and Neptune 8 degrees Aquarius....This is a very precarious time, and the effects of these intense planetary configurations cannot be seen now, but will be evident within the next six months ...The most important astrological event that will be affecting the world is Mars going retrograde. Mars goes retrograde about every two years, but this retrograde cycle is significant since it will be involved in a grand cross including violent planets Pluto and Uranus, and Jupiter which indicates a large event since Jupiter magnifies events.
Watch how the fighting worldwide is magnified and becomes explosive as Mars nears the pivotal point. This year 2014 we can expect war throughout the world. Mars rules anger, war, violence, weapons and fire. Additionally its position this year is critical and will be the trigger for events that explode but bring a transformation for peace in future years to come--Joni Patry [Vedic/Tropical astrologer]--she reportedly nailed the Fukushima/earthquake disaster date..

Also get a strictly Tropical hit from Maurice Fernandez on Vimeo

enough for now..


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