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                                  A FEELING OF COSMIC CELEBRATION

           The Astrological Influences on Global Holotropic Breathwork Day

                                                  May 12, 2012



We couldn’t ask for more positive and inspiring influences on May 12.  The Sun is exactly conjunct Jupiter, awakening perceptions of higher light, warmth and generosity, of cosmic meaning shining out like an eternal sunny day.  Sun-Jupiter is very supportive for the healing of father issues.  The Moon is similarly in a dynamic square with Jupiter, creating an atmosphere of love, kindness and abundance—overflowing feminine energy that will help with the healing of mother issues.  With Jupiter amplifying both luminaries like this, the day is likely to have a kind of grandly ennobling feeling, a divine cornucopia of adequate time, resources and goodwill for everyone involved.  There may be a feeling of celebration.  On that day, the Moon is also in a very stable grand trine with Venus and Saturn.  Moon trine Venus enhances feelings of sweetness and gentleness while the flowing Saturn alignments create a sense of reliability, consistency and integrity of support.


The overall driving force behind the entire decade is, of course, the Uranus square Pluto, identified by Rick Tarnas as coinciding with powerful evolutionary and revolutionary impulses, civil rights and democratic breakthroughs, female empowerment, awakenings of the Dionysian principle, ecological awareness, and other themes.  This spring, Mars is also in a flowing trine with Pluto, giving the Uranus-Pluto a powerful cathartic outlet.  This could be compared to something like a healing volcanic eruption of the gods, burning away the past and creating a new world.  These energies help facilitate the release of perinatal aggression, feelings that are very difficult for most people to deal with in traditional therapeutic modalities.  Mercury in a second grand trine with the Mars-Pluto will also help to open verbal channels of expression.  It’s okay to make sound…


Finally, Jupiter and Neptune are in the beginning of a long-term square with each other.  These blessed archetypes create feelings of ultimate safety and trust.  A sense of oceanic sacredness and mystery, of a higher benevolent divinity dissolving boundaries and revealing its true nature will permeate the atmosphere.  Jupiter-Neptune will also help experiences to resolve in a peaceful and unitive place.


This will certainly be another day to remember.  Good luck to everyone and have a great journey.




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Thank you Renn for the very good news!

It is amazing how ths cosmos and the mental life of a person is accurately synchronized. Many benefits from this fact we can have. Important to know that the physical planets are subordinated to the archetypal entities. In this way, we can even get benefit from the calssics from greece and rome, the myths, since what happen to them is happening to us in our modern life.


Angel Martorell Criado

Well said, Angelo.  The gods and goddesses are alive in us and we in them.

This is just great. I would like to breath instead of facilitationg...

Me too Ana, jajaja.



                                 Floating in the Oceanic Feminine

          Reflections on Global Holotropic Breathwork Day – May 12, 2012


       It was another magical day in the holotropic  or “moving toward wholeness” realms.  Twelve of us gathered at the Community of Conscious Living sanctuary in James Bay, Victoria to explore the inner ocean currents on Saturday, May 12.  Falling on the second annual Global Holotropic Breathwork Day, it was one of the most rewarding workshops I have ever experienced.

            The night before, I was suffering with some doubts, wondering if participants might cancel at the last minute or if we had chosen the right date.  However, after having a short sleep, the morning of May 12 dawned sunny and warm and then delivered a series of happy surprises all day long.  We all got settled and briefly introduced ourselves, then I presented an introduction to the logistics of the workshop and Stan Grof’s expanded cartography of the human psyche that has emerged in fifty-five years of clinical research. 

            Following that, people chose a partner for the day and began to set up their breathing areas.  We made sure there was enough room between participants and lots of fluffy pillows around them, to create a safe and cozy processing space.  Half the group would have their sessions before lunch with the other half functioning as “sitters,” then after lunch switching places.  Breathers and sitters made a verbal contract with each other about what kind of reassurance they wanted, whether they wished to be reminded to breathe, whether they wanted any physical support or, in some cases, if they didn’t want to be touched under any circumstances.  These requests and boundaries are always fully respected.  I emphasized that the sitter’s role is to offer quiet support, allowing the breather’s own inner healer to select the relevant material for that day.  After a short relaxation exercise, we said, “have a great journey,” turned on the evocative music and the session began.

            Participants had a wide range of experiences from the releasing of deep pain and sorrow, to shaking and tremors, explosive discharges of aggression, and rhythmic pelvic movements resembling childbirth.  A Dionysian wave rolled through the collective psyche, bringing up unconscious contents and allowing them to be released in the supportive group field.  Many people also contacted spiritual and ecstatic places in their beings.  The end of each session stood out - I have never seen a third hour with so many unexpected openings and releases.  Participants wept as ancient griefs poured out of the souls in the comforting presence of their sitters.  Others experienced breakthrough coughing and purging followed by feelings of grateful relief.  Near the end, I went around to make sure everyone felt complete with their experience and, if not, offered focused bodywork to help mobilize and clear any residual tensions. 

            We had chosen May 12 partly based on archetypal-planetary alignments or what Richard Tarnas refers to as world transits, and also because May represents the end of winter and the traditional “happy month” in Europe.  What struck me most were the sweetly loving Feminine energies on May 12, corresponding with an exquisite Moon conjunct Neptune world transit, in a beautiful and stabilizing grand trine with Venus and Saturn.  (A grand trine is formed by three or more planets in a series of 120° alignments with each other in the sky).  With this kind of soft emotional “landing pad,” a peaceful oceanic feeling seemed to permeate the entire session.  One participant felt that he was floating in a pool of loving feminine energy.  Another identified with the consciousness of fish in the ocean and perceived some of his problems, especially around breathing, to be related to the long evolutionary transformation of his phylogenetic ancestors from life in the ocean to that on land.  As always, I was inspired by the kind and steadfast support of the sitters. 

            The final phase of both sessions and the end of the workshop continued to have a feeling of quiet exaltation - corresponding also with the Sun-Jupiter square Neptune world transit.  After the space was cleaned, several of us walked down to Fisherman’s Wharf where we sat in afterglow, eating our fish and chips slowly with the sun setting over the water, in the finale of a perfectly satisfying day.

            Thanks to all the participants around the world.  Thanks also to everyone who helped to organize the global events and support the shared field: Stan Grof; Jim Garrison and Teresa Collins from Wisdom University and their guests in the six-week TeleSeries including Christina Grof, Richard Tarnas, Rick Doblin, Charles Grob, Michael and Anne Mithoefer, Ervin Laszlo, Duane Elgin, and Chris Bache; Ken Sloan and Martin Boroson from the Association for Holotropic Breathwork International; and Diane Osborne for creating the Facebook Event pages: and  Personally, I owe a special thank you to Margaret Yandel and Mima Djordjevic for their wise and compassionate help in facilitating our Victoria workshop.



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