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            Several people have asked for a short analysis of the archetypal influences on Global Breathwork Day, June 11, 2011.  Bearing in mind that there is always a range of possible effects within general thematic patterning, we can suggest some possible experiences.  The most signficant transits that day will be:

            Uranus square Pluto; in T-square with Saturn
            Jupiter trine Pluto
            Venus square Neptune
            Moon trine Neptune
            Moon opposition Jupiter
            Jupiter semisextile Uranus (with a "sunset effect" from the conjunction)

            Uranus is in a 90° square with Pluto for the entire decade, corresponding with the activation of powerful evolutionary and revolutionary archetypal energies that form the thematic backdrop for the entire period.  As Rick Tarnas describes in Cosmos and Psyche, alignments of Uranus and Pluto correspond with periods of dramatic upheaval, cataclysmic change and evolutionary striving on many fronts, especially in the areas of democratic and civil-rights activism, erotic emancipation and liberation of the Dionysian, female empowerment, intensification of creativity, ecological awareness, and scientific quantum leaps across the entire world stage.  The collective psyche is being massively turned on.

            Of course, for the past several years (2008-2012), Saturn has joined the Uranus-Pluto square in a powerful T-square.  The most important effect of Saturn is to close doors in various external areas of life while opening the door of inner self-exploration.  Holotropic types of journeying are the one area most likely to bring out the positive features of a Uranus-Pluto transit.  We can expect to see for the next ten years a dramatically intensified level of experience in people’s inner lives.  Especially supported will be an emergence of the deepest emotional, biological and energetic layers of the psyche.  Journeyers’ experiences will tend to have a more graphic, visceral, elemental and volcanic quality, with powerful inner sequences leading to experiences of explosive breakthrough liberation.  Journeyers reliving aspects of their biological births may also during this process identify with the death and rebirth of figures such as Dionysus, Osiris, Christ, or Persephone.  In a pervading atmosphere of religious exaltation and excitement, sessions will seem to have a dynamically supercharged character.  

            The Saturn-Pluto side of the T-square resembles a vast cosmic press, forcing up unconscious material where it can be faced and released, while Uranus symbolizes the lightning strikes of divine grace, the Cosmic Midwife pulling consciousness out the other side into transcendent space.  Overall, the T-square of the past three years can also be compared to something like a cosmic pressure cooker or meat grinder—and finally we have an opening.  In go the karmas and traumas, the fears of the past, the chronic blockages and stuck energies, and out comes purified, reborn consciousness.  Whether journeyers are primarily working through the “no-exit” material of Saturn (feelings of entrapment, loss and depression) or the death-rebirth material of Pluto (driving underworld energies pushing down and through towards rebirth), the effect of Uranus is to suddenly intensify the experience and release it from the psyche.

            The driving potency of Pluto is even more amplified by a 120° trine with Jupiter, with Jupiter expanding and celebrating Pluto's evolutionary thrust - putting the healing process in overdrive and supporting positive resolutions.  Jupiter-Pluto adds a thundering "titanic" quality to sessions as the inner material reaches full magnitude and escape velocity.  Tarnas compares these experiences to feeling chained to a "divinely guided missile."  Participants often have a sense of a benevolent Higher Power guiding the process toward universal liberation and these transits are very conducive to what Stan Grof has envisioned as a rolling wave across the world, as large numbers of journeyers in successive time zones enter holotropic states.  They support a feeling of global synergy and shared awakening and many journeyers may feel they they are participating in the birth of a new world.  We are approaching something like a rebirth of the great Mystery Religions of ancient Greece.  These group holotropic ceremonies played an, as yet, unrecognized role in the formation of Greek culture and thus Western civilization.  Sadly lost at the end of the classical period, the feeling of shared experience of these healing rituals is now, finally, being reborn across the entire planet.  The international flavor of this breathwork day is clearly an expression of the dissolving boundaries within the collective psyche itself.  Grof’s research suggests that journeyers in holotropic states have access now to the entire range of mythological, archetypal and spiritual content from across the world and from all periods in human history.

            In a sweet addition to our shared adventure, the Venus square Neptune and Moon trine Neptune transits that day will enhance journeyers’ experience of the Divine Feminine, embodied in Great Mother Goddesses such as Isis, Demeter, Mary, Lakshmi or Parvati.  Participants will also have easier access to experiences of mystical unity with other people, groups of people, all life, or all of creation.  These exquisite Neptune transits support the emergence of what Grof calls melted or oceanic type of ecstasy.  They are also beautiful indicators of a gentle, loving and nurturing group field in sessions.  Similarly, the Moon opposition Jupiter, getting stronger as the day progresses, suggests a warm, supportive and expansive atmosphere with many outpourings of healing emotion and compassion.  Many people will have a warm glow at the end of the day.  Sun trine Moon indicates a flowing harmony between the feminine and masculine aspects of the session, yin and yang.

            The Saturn opposition Uranus and wide Moon conjunct Saturn support responsible planning and protocols.  As always, it is recommended that journeyers stay lying down on their backs, ideally with limbs uncrossed.  This is the most open position, allowing the universal energies to work through the deepest layers of the psyche.  It is also the safest position and easiest for the sitters to support.  Once in the reclining position, however, journeyers have permission to go through experiences of any kind or intensity.

            The transits on June 11 are spectacular indicators for a global healing celebration.  With the dramatic Jupiter-Uranus conjunction also still in wide orb (what Tarnas calls the sunset effect), this event represents a true quantum leap in the transpersonal movement - itself begun in 1968-69 during the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction three cycles earlier.  Reinhold Ebertin calls Jupiter-Uranus the "Thank the Lord" combination, because subjects under these energies often proclaim those words.  Every journeyer is important in this process.  The effect of even one person doing deep inner processing can help release pressure from the collective psyche.  The combined potential of thousands of people breathing together in this first global event cannot be underestimated.

          Good luck to everyone and have a great journey.


Renn Butler is an archetypal astrologer and Holotropic Breathwork™ facilitator in Victoria, B.C.  His book exploring the effects of personal and world transits on varieties of holotropic experience, Holotropic Astrology, will be completed in 2012.

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The transits for this day seems to be spectacular. Thanks Renn. I'm also to curious to see what happens that day and hope many of you will share their experiences here.


            Sixteen of us (fifteen participants including two supersitters) gathered for Global Breathwork Day at the idyllic Deer Leap Yoga Studio close to Victoria, Canada.  It was the most intense and expressive small group I’ve ever participated in and we were honored to have a range of people there, from new breathers to veteran rebirthers from the Eighties. 

            Almost every participant experienced dramatic surges of energy, vocalizing, and emotional release.  This included some deep crying, sequences of coughing and choking, explosive discharges of aggression, fear and doubt, exultant laughing, tender bonding, and feelings of cosmic unity.  I was impressed by the steady loving presence of all the sitters.  Some of the caring was very poignant to witness.  The lunch break was sublime as we enjoyed the exquisite feminine energies of the Moon trine Neptune and Venus square Neptune world transits and the beautiful natural setting.

            A powerful Dionysian wave, reflecting the world transits of Uranus square Pluto and Jupiter trine Pluto, carried through the entire day.  One participant experienced drawing cosmic energy down into the human realm and burning off collective karma.  Another felt she was giving birth and simultaneously experienced some kind of primal snake goddess that mediated a connection with her divine nature.  She also had a full identification with the ancient and empowered Indian Mother Goddess and felt compelled to repeat “Ma Ma Ma” over and over.  Several people experienced leaving the mundane world behind and exploding out into the heavens.  Another said she felt like she had in her session participated in the birth of a new cosmos and looked out in awe at this new universe.  Many breathers and sitters reported being impressed by the intensity of the energies flowing through everybody.

            I remember thinking in Canada the afternoon before that the Australians and Indonesians were then just starting.  Later, lying in bed with my mind still racing along, I wondered if there was anything else I needed to do or something more I could share online.  Then around midnight, I realized that the big Russian groups were just beginning to breathe - and they don’t mess around!. . .  At that point, I just gave up my head and surrendered into the cosmic healing wave.  Then in sequence, I acknowledged the beginning of all the European groups, the Egyptians, and Dubaians and then in the morning our Western Hemisphere colleagues.  As our second group of breathers was starting late in the afternoon, I remember saying: “You are the last wave of this entire global experience. You’re in a safe space to really go for it”!  And they did. . .

            At the very end of the day, the host put on a CD and the final six of us broke into twenty minutes of spontaneous dancing and laughing.  As most of the same group drove home together, the atmosphere was high-spirited and enthusiastic as we marveled at the two-thirds-full Moon glowing in the evening sky.  Talking with people in the days following, many said they had begun or accelerated a process of facing painful memories, shed some major baggage in their lives, or turned an important corner – and that cosmic energies were still flowing through them in new ways or opening their higher chakras.  The expression “Wow!” was repeated a number of times.

            Thanks so much to Stan and Christina, Tav and Cary from GTT, Ken, Bonnie, and Martin from AHBI, Teresa and Jim from Wisdom University, and the many breathers and apprentices for making this such a great experience.  A special thanks to all the Holotropic Breathwork facilitators around the world who organized workshops on short notice.  It feels like the second wave of the modern transpersonal movement has begun!  This experience, as well as listening to Stan’s interview with Lilou Mace this spring (, has changed something fundamental for me: I have a sense now that the broader paradigm shift is being born by the cosmic creative principle itself.  The transition is underway and we are all just going along with the process.

            It was been very special to feel the connection with all of you this spring - on June 11, in the conference call, and in the Wisdom University Teleseminar.  Best wishes and Happy Solstice. 


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