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I would love to hear some insight into a Sun-Pluto-Jupiter T-Square alignment in an individual birth chart.

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Hello Kiriakos!

It would depend very much on the signs and houses involved. This person would have a powerful need for / urge towards trransformation. You might expect them to get obsessive about religion, or to keep changing their beliefs in a restless search for something more viscerally satisfying. Working well, I would expect this person to develop a firm faith in their ability to sacrifice the Ego and be reborn more deeply themselves. Working badly, this person could be pompously self - obsessive and self- righteous.

Thank you Gulliver for your quick reply.  In fact, the sun is in Pisces in the 11th, Pluto in Libra in the 5th, Jupiter in Capricorn in the 8th.  There is a certain self-sacrificing quality to this person, but it goes much deeper, the self, what is important to the self, what aspirations there are for this person seem very unclear for them, even non-existent.  'What is important for me, where do I stand, what do I want to transmit', are questions that this person has trouble answering.  These issues are central to a transformative process this person has begun some time ago.

Well that does sound vague and uncertain and at sea. (Pisces!) As I would expect, pluto and jupiter have intensified the usual problems of this sun-sign.

I'd want to see the whole chart really, as no configuration exists in isolation, even if all these 3 planets make no other aspects, but to manage this configuartion well, the person will have to be involved in CONTINUAL and MULTIPLE processes of transformation, not simply of the self, but of others, and of the collective.

Pisces often can find itself best, paradoxically, by focusing on others.

I imagine this person has amazing skill at being able to perceive and tune-in very powerfully to the feeling (watery) level of others, and a great power to influence people and groups at that level, in a subtle and silent way. This person needs to be particularly careful what they are giving out (sun) emotionally (pisces), especially in one-to-one and intimate relationships (pluto in libra) because their power to subtly influence, direct, and control the feeling trajectory of situations in which they find themselves is second to none.

It is also quite likely that this person is unaware of this skill, or has denied or projected it through fear of their own power. It may seem to them that they are controlled emotionally by others. This is not the case. This is pisces being the victim. This person has the power to carry others, and potentially large groups of people, with them on whatever flights of feeling they are undergoing. The process of owning and using that power for good is the transformation this person is really working on.

It is said that a good way to attempt to manage T-squares is to act as if the focal planet is in the opposite sign. In this case the person should be attempting to develop the qualities of Jupiter in cancer. Maybe the group in which the above is best played out is the subjects own family. Does this person have any children?

Thank you for this wonderful insight, what you've focused on is very interesting.  I wanted some perspective on this alignment, this is more than I expected Gulliver, thank you.  Yes, this person does have two children.  

Yes, power (pluto) and expansion (Jupiter) doesn't naturally integrate well for the individual (sun).

Look for the time when, at around age 30, the progressed sun will have moved into trine Jupiter of the original synch; this should herald a time of integration.

Hi sven,

Yes, but you could equally say the integration at age 30 is due to the saturn return.

Same with progressed sun at 60 trining natal pluto...with the second saturn return.

Oh! It is therefore true that any t-square involving the sun is activated simultaneously /  linked potently with the saturn cycle.

.... to be expected really, but I'd never concieved of it this way!

Hi Gulliver,

Yes, this is a "coincidence"... although the Sat return can be at some variance from the 30 years, of course.

But the progressed sun's "new take" on any longitudinal structure it's involved in natally is a good thing to be aware of. (I have also found that progressed enhancement-type aspects between sun and moon are important integration periods, meaning the new moon and the trine aspects)



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