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Would love to hear thoughts on the current mars Saturn square.

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Restriction, tragedy - including death - (Saturn) working on (in a frustrating manner, square) against male sexual energy, blood, war (Mars).

Because Mars is reasonably fast moving, this kind of structure would hit harder if aligned against a natal chart - such as birth chart, wedding chart or incorporation chart. If synched by the Moon, and in aspect to a natal, it could turn more ugly, with the moon acting as a timer and trigger.



I believe the moon is right on this today, in Cancer. What do you mean by "aligned Against a natal chart?"

Hi Kelly,

You have the "energy of the day," - any day - which is the planets moving in the sky and forming patterns in the now. But the planets can also form patterns against a natal chart, by transits.

If a tense configuration, such as the Mars sq Saturn, happens in the same degrees as you have natal planets in, then the configuration is more likely to affect you. For instance, if you have your natal sun where T Mars is, this would be a conjunction - and your Sun would then also be squared by T Saturn.



Well, since I have Uranus, Venus, Jupiter, and mercury all in cancer T mars is conjunct them and they've all been also squaring Saturn? Which, incidentally, I have natal Saturn in Scorpio but in the 10th house ruled by Libra so T Saturn is involved there as well. Such an eventful life. ;)

I work with tight orbs, especially for transits, so unless they are tight atop one another....

It also depends whether there's any retrogradation involved in the transits. Straight-thru transits tend to be less intense. If you're looking at getting some software, I'd suggest Solar Fire. The graphic ephemeris is my favourite tool.





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