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I'd really appreciate some comments on one of my personal transits beginning at the end of this year: Saturn will begin transiting my natal Moon in November and will do so until the end of 2013.  But there is a little detail that has caught my attention, it will be in an exact square alignment (0 degrees) for nearly 50 straight days, from January 26-March 15.  What could be the significance of such a prolonged exactitude?  

I can add that Saturn is in a close Trine (1 degree) in my natal chart, and it is very prominent in my natal chart as it is in a very close conjunction with my Sun and my ASC.

Any thoughts?

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I have been experiencing my second Saturn return, which also involves Saturn transiting conjunct natal Neptune and sextile natal Pluto.  I don't recall Saturn transiting my natal Moon, but with 50 days of exact square--is Saturn stationary in relation to your chart?--I would say you have a wonderful opportunity to focus very deeply on your emotions, to be aware of your moods as they arise, and simply observe them.  You might also want to do a lot of meditation.

Thank you Donald.  I will try to prepare myself for intense interiorisation during this period.  If you don't mind my asking, what was your experience of your Saturn return?

My first Saturn Return, in 1982, was obscured by the Neptune sextiling of its natal position, conjunct Saturn at my birth, which saw many wildly apocalyptic reactions to global realities at the time.  The actual pure Saturn return itself was during my employment, at minimum wage, insulating a house from beneath, putting insulation between the joists of the house from the 3-foot (1 meter) crawl space beneath the house--I was forced to "ground" myself.  My second Saturn Return is happening right now, and I am teaching lots of classes (I teach basic English composition at a university) and grading endless student papers on very basic levels.  In other words, I am working very hard, having to really discipline myself, and dealing with very basic grammatical, stylistic and similar aspects of the papers.  Does this help?  Have you ever read Liz Greene's _Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil_?

Your comments have been very insightful and helpful, and thank you for the reference.

Another work I'd recommend for a good overview of Saturn through the life cycle, Erin Sullivan's book _Saturn in Transit_ is outstanding, or at least it was very helpful to me.  Remember, as Marsilio Ficino said, Saturn can be your greatest ally, if you pay attention to what he requires, and he can be your worst enemy if you resist him.  (Of course, they didn't know about the trans-Saturnian planets then...)

It is true Saturn is challenging, but this archetype has always allowed me to appreciate challenge, and whatever difficult experience I was dealing with, there was always a sense that it is there for evolution and maturation.  Saturn also countered other areas of my chart that represent a more explosive, unpredictable nature.  For the Saturn-Moon transit I was speaking about, which will be followed in 2-3 years by several other major Saturn transits, I feel it to be, as you said Donald, a time of great introspection, an opportunity for greater inner grounding, and emotional maturation, a more mature sense of self.  Thanks again for the references.


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